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Advertising FeatureHair stylist + MUA Kirsty MacPherson answers your bridal hair + beauty questions!

Kirsty MacPherson has been in the make-up industry for just shy of 20 years, and in her time working in the Scottish wedding business, she’s beautified the faces of countless brides, bridesmaids, mums and guests.

Your bridal make-up is undoubtedly one of the most important factors when it comes to your wedding day look. You need to look like the best version of yourself, enhance your natural features, and feel really comfortable in your skin.

What’s more, the MUA needs to tailor your make-up for longevity, and make sure that it’s going to look amazing in photographs. There’s a lot to consider.

On top of that, creating a chic hair style is something else to think about; luckily, Kirsty takes care of both!

We’ve posed some of your frequently asked hair and make-up questions to Kirsty¦

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Q. I don’t wear very much make-up on a daily basis, but I obviously want to look amazing on my wedding day. Can I wear make-up without looking too ˜made up’?

Yes, of course! Bridal make-up is all about enhancing what is already there. Some people just prefer a bit more. As long as you look groomed and your skin tone is even, then you should get a great photo and still look natural face-to-face.

Just remember, a little more coverage is advised for photos.

Q. I’m getting married abroad and I want to do my own make-up. Where do I begin?

There’s a couple of factors that you need to consider at a destination wedding that you might not in Scotland: how the weather will affect your make-up is a big one.

I offer a one-to-one session or a bridesmaid’s lesson on how to perfect your make-up for weddings abroad. By giving you the tips and tricks of the trade, you’ll have the perfect wedding make-up by your own fair hand!

Q. Should I have more than one wedding make-up trial?

Personally, I feel one is enough, but you may decide to change the look and feel of your make-up as you go through the planning process, so bear that in mind.

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Q. How do you make sure that my make-up lasts all day?

I have spent years researching the products I use, and my aim is that your make-up will last for at least eight hours.

My main brand of choice is Illamasqua, designed by a make-up artist and built to last, and I also use Ben Nye, a stage brand that’s built to withstand tears and sweat!

As a primer, I love Embroyolisse’s Anti Fatigue, which lasts for ages holding everything in place.

Q. I am keen to get my hair in good condition for my wedding day. Are there any great products out there to help?

One thing I would say is not to overload your hair, as this can make it too greasy. Pick one or two good quality products instead of throwing everything at it.

I love Philip Kingsley’s Elasticizor intensive treatment (£32). It’s a great nourisher if your hair is dry and has been coloured. It gives it a good drink and protects against heat and UV damage.

Keep getting your hair trimmed about every six weeks to keep it in good health but don’t crop it too short if you want long hair for the wedding, because you won’t have too long to grow it again.

Q. I’m not a big fan of the bridal up-do. What else can you suggest?

The trends in bridal hair are really shifting, and the most recent styles have been more relaxed.

I have seen a drop in hair accessories, combs and tiaras, and a rise in brides who want to use fresh flowers. Looser, softer finishes are so flattering rather than stiffer and slicker looks.

Have fun with your hair style but, if you never wear your hair up, then don’t do it on your wedding day.

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Q. All of my bridesmaids are different, and they all prefer different hair styles! How can I tie them all together without making them look identical?

This is quite a common question. Bridesmaids don’t need to be identical, but having a similarity or a common theme can be great.

Whether they all have a braid in their hair to the side (up or down) or maybe they have a matching hair accessory. Each bridesmaid should feel like themselves and confident.

Have an idea of how you see them on the day and then we can tailor that to suit each person.

Q. I have short hair. Do I need to grow it for my wedding day?

Firstly, having short hair is completely fine for your wedding “ why change the person that you usually are?

Your other half knows and loves you just like that! We can work with shorter styles to give you some more texture, bounce and curl. If you do want to have a bit of a longer style but don’t want to grow it out, then we can pop a few clip-in extensions in for the day.

You’ll get the style of your dreams without the hassle!

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