How to winter-proof your Scottish wedding

It can get bitterly cold in Scotland in wintertime; what do you do if you’ve decided to have your wedding in November, December or January?

Avoid frostbitten guests and winter-proof your wedding day!

bride and groom winter wedding




If you know that ice and snow are forecast, then make sure that you keep your wedding party and guests well informed of the travel arrangements.

Send an email out reminding them to check for delays in time for the day, and keep checking in with coach or car suppliers to be sure they’re ready for the cold snap.

Luckily, a professional wedding company will be on top of all of the arrangements regarding weather, and they’ll probably contact you anyway.



winter wedding scotlandIf you’ve gone for a strapless or thin strapped gown then invest in a cute cover-up to keep in the warmth, especially when you’re outside taking photographs. Fluffy white bridal jumpers are my ultimate favourite accessory and they look stunning in photos.

You could even put a sheer pair of tights on underneath your gown which you can take off later when you’re back inside!

Have a few umbrellas to hand too, just incase; these can look great in photos, especially the white ones!

Be mindful that your bridesmaids need to be walking around (possibly outside, on icy cobbles, or wet grass) so take care with shoe choices. Why not get them a cute pair of customised trainers as a wedding gift that they can pop on for outdoor pics and ceilidh jigs?



Cold weather calls for warming mugs of cocoa, spicy mulled wine and hearty soups and stews.

Incorporate these into your day; why not have a glass of hot cider garnished with clementine as a reception drink rather than the usual champagne?



wedding blanket winter favoursI love the idea of wicker baskets filled with blankets for your guests to pop over their knees or shoulders, especially if you’re braving an outdoor ceremony, or even a service in a chilly church with stone floors.

Your guests can keep these for later and wrap up warm if they pop outside!



If there’s one thing you really can’t change or predict about your wedding day, it’s the weather.

I guarantee that you are going to have the BEST DAY EVER regardless of whether the sun shines or the snow falls, so just relax, take each moment as it comes and fully immerse yourself in every second of your special day.


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