Build your dream gift list with The Wedding Shop

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From spending too much to spending too little, manoeuvring the minefield that is gift-giving is often people’s least favourite part of a wedding.

So why not cut all the awkwardness out by creating a fun and personalised gift list with The Wedding Shop?

Your guests will love the hassle-free approach to gift shopping, and you won’t have to worry about the politics of displaying the awful china your partner’s great aunt would otherwise buy you ” it’s a win-win!

We spoke to the experts in wedding gifts, The Wedding Shop, to learn their top tips for crafting the perfect gift list.

With over 27 years of experience, it’s safe to say they’ve seen it all ” check out their secrets for success below!


1. Start by registering

First things first, register with The Wedding Shop! You’ll then be introduced to your own designated personal advisor who’ll guide you through the whole gift list process, and help take all the stress out of gift list planning, leaving you to have all the shopaholic fun of compiling your list!

Plus, The Wedding Shop are the only gift list provider in the UK who WON’T charge you or your guests for their service.

It’s all 100% free, you’ll be happy to know!


2. Check out gifts IRL

Although browsing the latest internet sales from the cosy comfort of your sofa has its advantage, it can also be a bit risky (think of all those dreamy-looking dresses and jumpers you’ve ordered and waited impatiently for, only for them to arrive looking nothing like they did online).

Head to one of The Wedding Shop’s beautiful showrooms (there are four in total, including one in Edinburgh run by the lovely Nicola) and you can browse gifts and brands in person; perfect for checking colours and sizes and other practical things that could cause trouble further down the line.

All you have to do is book an appointment and one of their friendly, knowledgeable advisors will be more than happy to show you around and help you get your gift list started!

Book an appointment with Nicola and have a nosy round the gorgeous Edinburgh showroom

Gift list guru Nicola heads up The Wedding Shop’s Edinburgh showroom!

3. Don’t leave it too late

In an ideal world, your gift list will be live as you send out your wedding invites, (just in case any super keen beans decide to go shopping there and then!).

Since panic-shopping rarely ever works out well, try and give yourself a few weeks before this date so that you can spend time thoughtfully compiling a list!


4. Add more than you think you’ll need

With an army of over 350 amazing brands behind them, The Wedding Shop has more than enough products to choose between. But there’s no need to feel overwhelmed by all the choice. Infact, the more you add to your list the better, according to their gift list pros!

You’ll no doubt be surprised at how generous your guests are and you want to make sure they’ve got plenty of options to pick from, so don’t be afraid to add more gifts than you think you’ll need.


5. Think about price points

Everyone will have a different budget to work with, so cater to everyone by adding both smaller AND big ticket items to your list.

And don’t feel awkward or cheeky for including those more expensive gifts! Thanks to The Wedding Shop’s group gifting option, guests can pledge an amount they’re comfortable with to larger, more expensive items.

“This is a hugely popular feature as it allows couples to ask for what they really want, without the worry of feeling excessive or out of touch with their guests’ price ranges,” says Nicola.

6. Pick things that make YOU happy

Putting together a dream gift list should be one of the more enjoyable pre-wedding chores you and your partner have to complete, so don’t put any rules or limitations on the things you add to your list.

Instead, just try to include a few things you might need (like updating some of your existing home essentials) as well as a few pieces you love but would never be able to talk yourself into buying.

You’ll find plenty from both categories at The Wedding Shop!


7. Be adventurous

You’ve got more than enough dinner plates, framed prints and decorative pillows to kit out an entire mansion…

…so what on earth do you add to your gift list?

Luckily The Wedding Shop has few unique options to take advantage of! As well as allowing guests to give money towards a personalised cash fund or your honeymoon, they’ve also partnered with Truly Experiences to offer a range of experience days and trips.

“Our new experiences range is perfect for couples who want to get involved in an activity or trip that they both love doing together, making memories to last a lifetime.”


8. Download the wedding shop app

The Wedding Shop are the only gift list provider in the UK to have an App, and it’s insanely handy for letting you manage your list on the move ” just use the barcode scanner to add products from any UK store to your list!

You’ll receive instant alerts whenever a guest purchases a gift (although you can turn this off if you want to keep it a surprise!), but the best part is the Thank You Card Manager! It records your guest’s name, the item they bought, their address and their gift message, and you’ll be counting your lucky stars for it when it comes to writing thank you cards!

As a further little bonus, they’ve partnered with stationery company Papier to give all couples 15% off Thank You card orders!

Feeling inspired to create your own dream wedding gift list?

Get started and book an appointment with one of The Wedding Shop’s expert advisors