Here’s the wedding photography advice nobody will have told you

wedding photography

IMAGE: Mack Photo

Having worked at Scottish Wedding Directory for a few years now, I’ve learned the ins and outs of wedding planning pretty well by this point.

But when I went to Anne Priscilla Bridal‘s wedding photography workshop presented by Melissa at Mack Photo, the photographer gave loads of great advice about things I hadn’t ever considered before. Every day’s a school day!

Here are six key pieces of wedding photography advice that everyone needs to know…


Practise sitting in your wedding dress

When you try on a wedding dress in a bridal boutique, it can be easy to forget about the practicalities of wearing it for an entire day when you’re gliding around the dressing room in your dream gown.

But remember that a lot of your photos will be taken while you’re sitting down; the speeches in particular.

Large dresses can be cumbersome, so practise holding yourself in your dress before the big day so that you’re not sagging under its weight in the wedding photos!


Tell your guests to put their phone away when you take the aisle

You might not be fussed about people using their phones at your wedding, but when guests all have their phones waving in the air to take your photo while you walk up or down the aisle, it can prevent your photographer from getting the perfect shot.

Melissa even said that she once missed a couple’s first kiss because of an over-enthusiastic guest!

Heed the advice of real bride Lorna, who said: “We asked everyone not to record anything or take any photographs during the ceremony and I’m so glad that we did. I was able to look into peoples’ smiling faces as I walked down the aisle rather than being greeted by a sea of phones and flashing cameras.”

Use your wedding party

Put one bridesmaid on dress duty and bring them along to your fittings. That way, the boutique can teach your BM how to fluff the dress quickly so that it looks perfect in your snaps, which will prevent about 10 minutes of three bridesmaids desperately trying to smooth out your dress while getting your pictures taken on the day.

Also, create a list beforehand of who you want in the group shots. Then, give it to an usher or a ‘maid so that they can round up everyone that’s supposed to be there.

This will save you precious time and will let you get back to the party faster!

wedding photography

IMAGE: Mack Photo

Have some of your photos taken in front of your guests

This might sound daunting, but it’s a great way to kill two birds with one stone.

Your guests will want to take lots of photos of you and your partner, and so having them take photos while the photographer is taking theirs means you won’t keep getting stopped during your reception for extra snaps.


Get the granny shot

Candid photos are all the rage right now, but while you might think this style of wedding photography is beautiful (and it is!), it’s a good idea to get some posed shots taken too.

Even if you’re not into posed shots, chances are your granny will be, so make some time for them on the day so that the older members of your family have something they can easily frame!


Do your wedding portraits after dinner

Lots of couples get their wedding portraits taken after the ceremony, but if you don’t want to spend ages away from your guests at this point of the day, why not have them taken just after dinner instead (or do some after the ceremony, then some after dinner, so that the time is split)?

Trying to fit all of your photography into your drinks reception can be stressful if the groom is worried about his upcoming speech or if you’re thinking about your guests getting cranky (read: hangry) while they wait for you to come back.

If you get these shots taken after dinner you’ll be a ton more relaxed because all the big stuff will be out the way “ and the glass of wine you had at dinner will definitely help!

Plus, sunset or night time images can be really beautiful and atmospheric.

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