“We made a joint speech at our wedding”

When Stu and Sharon tied the knot last August at The Waterside Hotel in West Kilbride, they delivered a speech together in the evening.

Real Wedding at The Waterside Hotel Ayrshire. Laura A Tiliman Photography. Joint speech Real Wedding at The Waterside Hotel Ayrshire. Laura A Tiliman Photography. joint speech

IMAGES | Laura A. Tiliman Photography

“Initially Sharon and I were each going to do a speech – we had been working on them separately – but whilst I thought mine was ok, I didn’t think it was great,” recalls Stu. “I jokingly suggested that we do a joint speech, and after some nervous laughter we decided it wasn’t such a crazy idea. This was five days before the wedding, so it wasn’t as if we had much else going on!”

The couple wrote the story of their relationship from each of their perspectives, and kept a few small parts as a surprise for the day. “We didn’t really practice much; maybe one or two run-throughs as we didn’t want it to sound over-rehearsed,” says Stu. “Being a lecturer, Sharon is much more comfortable speaking in front of an audience [than me], and knowing I’d have her beside me definitely calmed the nerves.”

The speech went down a storm with guests. “We got plenty of laughs and compliments,” says Stu. “I really liked a part near the end where Sharon described some of the more mundane parts of life together but things that make us ‘us’, such as our morning dances in the kitchen before work and the daily thank you text messages I send her for making my sandwiches (which I massively appreciate!).”


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