9 sure-fire ways to keep your wedding guests happy

Not had to plan a party since your 21st in the local bowling club? Here are all the tips and tricks you need to keep your wedding guests happy!

keep your wedding guests happy

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1. Think logistics

Despite Google Maps being readily accessible, you’ll likely find at least a few guests who would rather interrupt your wedding prep to ask for directions than spend five minutes looking it up themselves.

To limit the amount of messages you receive asking logistical questions about hotels and quickest routes, provide lots of helpful info in your invites.

The essentials include listing nearby hotels, sharing the address and postcode of your venue and even popping in a wee custom map (this will be particularly useful if your venue is in the middle of nowhere and ol’ faithful Google Maps cuts out).

As a back-up, have the deets of your day easily accessible online too. Consider setting up a wedding website or Facebook event page with the crucial info pinned to the top for any guests who have lost their invites (how dare they).

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2. Organise travel

Even if your guests don’t have to move venues between your ceremony and reception, if you’ve got lots of family travelling from the one place, or if your venue is hard to get to without a car, then organising transport to take them to and from the wedding is a move everyone will love you for.

Companies such as Lothian Motorcoaches offer a range of luxury coaches designed to keep everyone happy and comfortable. If you’re on a tight budget and your venue has great transport links, you could just put the coach on at the end of the night to take people home.

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3. Meal prep

Every single person with an allergy or food intolerance has been made to feel like a nuisance because of their dietary requirements at some point or another. Make sure they can relax and enjoy a safe, delicious meal at your wedding (they’ll really appreciate it!) by putting in a little bit of prep work.

Ask on your invites for people to let you know their dietary requirements and then pass that info on to your venue or caterer so they can come up with an alternative.


4. Cut costs

There’s no two ways about it: attending a wedding is expensive. Not quite as expensive as throwing one, granted, but it’s still an investment.

That’s why you should check out what kind of guest privileges your venue provides– most will have something in place!

Take city centre wedding venue the Trades Hall of Glasgow for example, which offers special rates for nearby car parks and hotels.

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5. Break the ice

It’s not just a cliché; with photos to take and guests to greet, your wedding will fly by. But whilst you’ll be busy every second, it can turn into a pretty long day for everyone else.

Hire in some professionals to keep them entertained throughout. If you’re looking for a way to break the ice during your drinks receptions, Neilsart Wedding Caricatures is the perfect addition. He’s guaranteed to get everyone giggling!

6. Bring the entertainment

Keep the entertainment going throughout the day! Hiring the Just-A-Pose Selfie Mirror costs as little as £295 for a two-hour package and as well as having fun with it, your guests will end up with personalised prints as mementos of your big day.

We also love the idea of creating a little fun casino breakout area for guests during your evening reception! Manta Ray Events, an evolution of The Edinburgh Fun Casino Company, takes care of it all – they even provide fake money for people to play with and prizes for the winners.

Finally, round the night off with a crowdpleasing firework display from 21CC Group Ltd, involving love heart shells, ground-based displays and sparkler and confetti burst finales.

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7. Budget-friendly booze

Expensive drinks can really put a dampener on a wedding. Check out the prices at your venue in advance and think about building a drinks package into your budget. If you’re going for a blank canvas DIY venue with no corkage charges, then hurrah!

You could buy in your own booze, hire a bar to create custom cocktails, or even get a drinks truck if you fancy doing something different (yep, prosecco vans are genuinely A Thing).

Remember that not everyone will be drinking booze, so if you can offer up a few interesting non-alcoholic alternatives, your guests will love you. A hot chocolate station would go down a treat at a winter wedding – the boozers could always add in whisky or Bailey’s!


8. Pick some floorfillers

An empty dancefloor won’t get the party vibes going, so having some decent music – be it a wedding band or DJ – is an absolute must.

Think about the songs that always get people dancing at weddings you’ve been to, like that Spice Girls banger your old school pals can’t resist and your mum’s fave Abba tune, and send along a few requests to your band or DJ in advance. You could even ask guests to send their fave tunes along with their RSVP to your wedding, and you can pick a few of them to add to the playlist.

keep your wedding guests happy

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9. Mind your manners

We know you’ve put lots of effort (and money) into planning your wedding,but your guests have also done the same to make sure they can be there.

That’s why thank you cards are so important. Send one to everyone who comes and try to keep a note of who gave you what prezzie so you can include a more personalised thanks.


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