19 top outfit tips to share with the Mother of the bride or groom

There’s no need to feel confined to frumpy frocks and old-fashioned ensembles.  

Ann Bunten from Ayr-based boutique Diane Honeyman, and Louise Brown from award-winning Catwalk share their best-ever mother of the bride dressing tips.

IMAGE | Richard Craig Photography

1.   Choose an outfit which complements your colouring and that you feel comfortable in.

2.   Don’t be afraid to show your body off in a form-fitting dress, just keep it classy in a respectable knee length skirt.

3.   Make sure it fits with your personal style (and that it fits, full stop!), otherwise you’ll just spend the day feeling uncomfortable.

4.   Consider the colour scheme. You won’t want to clash with the other ladies. At the same time, you may not want to dress in the same colour or something too similar or you might end up blending in with the bridesmaids.

5.   Try to go for a more mature style and cut, and stand out from the others with a hat or fascinator.

6.   Consider white, champagne and ivory as being off-limits considering they’re very bridal.

7.   Don’t be afraid of colour “ bold colours look great in photographs next to a white wedding dress.  Just make sure to go for a shade that suits your skin tone.

8.   Don’t spend too much time looking online. Only a small percentage of styles are advertised and they often come in different colours and styles, so it’s best to see it in person.

9.   Shop in a specialist boutique. The assistants there are experts in their field and will know the best styles to flatter your shape.They can also help tailor your dress to fit you perfectly.

10.  Trust your instincts “ if you see a dress you like early on, go for it. Louise tells us, “To keep styles exclusive, most boutiques only carry one in each size and once it’s sold it can’t be reordered so if you love it, don’t leave it.

11.   If you’re struggling to find something that feels completely right, remember that you can have the outfit customised to suit your style; for example, you could add sleeves or alter the length.

12.   Alternatively, find a dressmaker to make you a bespoke outfit from scratch “ this isn’t as expensive an option as you’d expect, and the end result will be an outfit you will definitely wear again!

13.  Accessorising with a hat or fascinator can add a little something different to your outfit and make it really stand out. Most mums like to match their hat to their dress, and you may be able to get your chosen hat dyed to complement your outfit perfectly.

14.  Talented milliners such as Ana Maria Ortega of Ultimate Design Hats and Toshiko Cave of Toco Fashion are even able to design a bespoke hat around your outfit. You won’t want to take it off!

15.  If you don’t like hats and hatinators, opt for an exquisite diamante headpieces instead

16. If your dress has a print or multiple colours, pick one colour to match your accessories to. If your dress is a muted colour, try going for accessories that match the bride’s colour scheme or bouquet.

17.  But you don’t have to be completely matching “ nude is a great alternative that goes with everything.

18.  For summer weddings, go bare legged (weather permitting) with a nude heel as the colour will create the illusion of longer legs!

19.  Don’t be afraid to be yourself. While it is your daughter or son’s big day, they will want you to feel comfortable and happy in whatever you wear, so as long as they approve of your choice, the sky is the limit.


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