To theme or not to theme? The Vintage Prop Company shares some décor top tips!

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Planning your wedding is one thing, but choosing your wedding theme is a whole other –intimidating – ball game!

Mostly, that’s because it’s super important; your chosen theme will impact the mood and atmosphere for your guests, after all.

But it’s also because there’s so much choice!

Once upon a time most people opted for a traditional wedding theme, but today the options for themed weddings are seemingly endless.

Luckily wedding décor experts, The Vintage Prop Company, are here to help! They’ve put together their top tips on how to choose a killer wedding theme and make your vision a reality…

The Vintage Prop Company wedding decor

Get some inspiration

If you’re not sure which type of theme you want, a great place to start is Pinterest; you can create a board with your favourite ideas.

Also think about the details you like and the overall look and feel that you want to achieve.

If you have chosen the time of year for your wedding, this will also help you to determine your theme.

The Vintage Prop Company wedding decor

It’s all in the execution

Most brides and grooms want to include memorable photos of time spent on holidays and partaking in activities, along with quaint messages for each other and loved ones.

This is a good starting block but, alone, can get lost at a venue, so incorporate props to personalise your display.

Hiring a world map and globe along with a stack of suitcases to highlight a travel theme, for example, will make for a much more interesting display.

The Vintage Prop Company wedding decor

Future-proof your theme

If a trendy or out-there theme makes you feel uncomfortable, you can always go for something more traditional that will stand the test of time; just choose items with soft colours, minimalist designs and classic details such as candles and pearls.

Choosing soft floral arrangements and gentle fabrics ensure your theme will not date too much.

The Vintage Prop Company wedding decor

Work to your venue

If you’re picturing a glamorous wedding, then a luxury hotel, castle or marquee could be the ideal setting.

In that case, props such as candelabras, plenty of crystal, a vintage gramophone or perhaps a pimped- up gin or champagne bar will work perfectly.

But if you prefer a laidback wedding in a barn, then a rustic country style with milk churns, straw bales and a vintage bicycle are the way to go!

The Vintage Prop Company wedding decor

Basically, good props are essential

Props will help take your ideas and theme to the next level, and you don’t have to spend a fortune or sacrifice every weekend trawling boot sales to find the perfect finishing touches – just hire them in instead.

That way you’ll end up with on trend props and one of a kind items, with minimal fuss and stress.

The Vintage Prop Company wedding decor

Finding the right supplier

Based in Fife and ideally placed for Edinburgh, Perth, Dundee and Angus, founders of The Vintage Prop Company, Jules & Angus Thomson, are the go-to experts for props.

Firstly, they’ll be able to help you find a wedding style that complements the fixtures you’ve already planned or got your heart set on.

The Vintage Prop Company wedding decor

Secondly, they’ve got tons of gorgeous props ready to go and loads of ideas on how to use them to create your dream wedding theme.

And thirdly, with backgrounds in project management, they’re super organised, efficient and calm, so they’ll make the whole process super easy.

From Great Gatsby inspired extravaganzas to intimate, rustic celebrations, they’ve worked on all manner of themes. Whatever style you decide upon, their props and expert eye will help define and complement your design.

The Vintage Prop Company wedding decor

How can you work with The Vintage Prop Company?

To start with, The Vintage Prop Company will likely ask you to join them for a cup of tea and slice of cake to talk through your initial ideas and desires, no matter what stage of planning you’re at.

You’ll be able to look through their website gallery to see some of their recent styling work, they’ll let you know what their offer of the month is and then you’ll visit the showroom to check out the props in person.

The Vintage Prop Company wedding decor

Once your big day finally arrives, The Vintage Prop Company hires the props to be delivered and collected, or you can collect and return them yourself if preferred.

Jules and Angus also offer a Styling Service where they’ll come and style your venue for you, but if you prefer, they’ll leave it to you and simply provide some advice and photos on set-up to help!

Turn your dream wedding theme into reality with The Vintage Prop Company

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