The Girl with the Big Hair: Collecting my wedding gown – what really happened

It’s almost our girl Yasmin’s wedding year and it was time to pick up her dress, but it didn’t go quite the way she planned…

Two weeks ago, an email I’ve been eagerly awaiting popped into my inbox. Filled with excitement and nerves, I read the words ‘your wedding gown has arrived in store, please call to make an appointment to collect your gown’.

I couldn’t believe it – six months had passed, and I was finally able to see my dress once again.



In the hours leading up to the appointment I felt all kinds of excited nerves. I could barely remember what the dress looked like from my original appointment, so it felt as though I was about to see it for the first time.

With my mum, sister and bride squad in tow, we made the venture into the city centre to Eleganza Sposa.

After a short five-minute wait, I was whisked into the fitting room to try on my dress. Seeing it hanging up on the hanger for what felt like the first time, I couldn’t help but feel underwhelmed.



‘Is this the gown that’s going to make me to look the best I’ve ever looked?’, ‘Is it ‘wow’ enough?’, ‘Will it make everyone think positively about my choice as opposed to critically like we often so harshly do?’.

So many things were running through my head that I honestly didn’t know what to think. Before I knew it, the curtain had opened, the big reveal was happening and, before I could stop it, tears came flooding down my face.

Unsure what was wrong, my loved ones questioned if I hated it. I absolutely didn’t hate it, but I honestly didn’t know what I thought.

The built-up nerves, pressure and lack of memory was overwhelming and it had to come out in some way.



Thankfully the tears only lasted a quick 20 seconds before I walked over to the mirror to analyse the dress.

After a few additions were added and when it’s eventually sized to perfection, I know it will be the perfect dress for me.

It took a while for me to warm up to the dress, but I now remember why I choose it the first time around. I want a dress that’s effortless, romantic and fits my Tuscany destination wedding and this gown ticks all the boxes!


Looking back, I think the pressures that come with buying a wedding gown had taken over. The desire to find something that everyone will love as opposed to something that I want was imbalanced.

And, most likely, spending thousands on a gown will undoubtedly make your question your choice. I actually have a history of doubting big purchases – it’s something I’m working on!

Now that the gown is firmly in my possession (well, my mum’s), and I have pictures I can look back on to remind me of what it looks like, I feel so much happier. I know I’ve chosen the right dress for me and can’t wait to wear it down the aisle to marry my love.



I wanted to share my honesty in this experience for anyone who’s like me and puts unnecessary pressure on themselves.

I think there’s a picture painted within weddings that picking up your gown will be the most magical moment that will make you feel more beautiful than ever before.

This might be the case for some people, but if it’s not for you – don’t worry! I love my gown and I know Liam will too and that’s all that matters.



Yasmin is a 20-something fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger, sharing her interests, passions and general life-happenings on her blog, The Girl with the Big Hair.

Following a romantic Loch Lomond proposal last autumn (you can read more about that here), Yasmin is now an excited bride-to-be and will be sharing every step of her wedding planning journey with SWD.

Yasmin lives in Glasgow with her fiance, Liam, and their Instagram famous pug, Indie. She loves fashion, beauty, dancing, travelling, food, movies, sleeping, and cookies “ a girl after our own heart!