The Girl with the Big Hair: Cheap date night ideas to help save for your wedding

Our guest blogger Yasmin isn’t letting saving for the big day put a halt to date nights with her hubby-to-be.

It’s the final few months before the wedding.

We’re now officially under the six-month mark (eek) and as you can imagine, the savings pressure is building, there’s still a to-do list longer than my arm and I honestly don’t feel like I have the time to even think about wedding plans right now.

Wedding planning burn-out

I’m sure I’m not the only bride-to-be to that is burning the candle at both ends in the run up to their big day.

Not only are we planning a huge event for our nearest and dearest (which has to be as perfect as we envision it) but we’re also likely to be taking on more shifts to help bulk up the savings account, trying to squeeze in (or kick-start) gym sessions and attempting to maintain a steady pace in work so that time off for the wedding really is as enjoyable as it should be.

During this period, it’s so easy to get caught up in the prep and planning that you forget to actually enjoy the time with those around you.

IMAGE | Fairmont, St Andrews

Taking time for us

This is something I’ve been aware of more than ever recently and is why I entered 2019 with a personal resolution to make more time for my loved ones – and for me.

I started this year doing just that with a New Year’s Day getaway to the Fairmont St Andrews with my fiancé, Liam. It was the perfect way to begin the year that we will finally marry each other.

It not only gave me a chance to just press pause for a second, but it also reminded us of just how lucky we are to be planning a huge event to celebrate with our family and friends.

It was during our getaway that I made my little resolution to make more time for us before July 4th comes around.


Cheap date night ideas

Unfortunately a lavish overnight stay won’t always be on the cards this side of the year, but I’m not worried as there are so many other things you can do together that are free or don’t cost much at all.

I thought I’d share a little round-up of just some of the ways I plan on making our final memories together as fiancé and fiancée.


Car trip – sometimes some of the best trips are unplanned. There’s nothing better than jumping in the car with no plans of where you’re going and just seeing where you end up.

A trip to the beach – it may not be tanning season yet, but visiting one of Scotland’s beaches in the winter has its perks. Just remember to wrap up warm!

Enjoy a movie-marathon – my fiancé was gifted with an at-home projector for Christmas (which is amazing, btw) so back-to-back movie marathons on a Sunday with some of your favourite snacks is perfect on a rainy day.

Cooking – making dinner together from scratch can be a fun at-home date option even if you’re no Gordon Ramsay. Don’t forget the bubbles – cooking is thirsty work.


The above are just a few cheap date ideas that I’m sure my hubby-to-be and I will be embracing over the next few months.

Regardless of how stressful, all-consuming or overwhelming wedding planning (and everything else that comes with it) can be, just remember to make time for you and your partner as you’ll never get back these excitement-filled moments as you prepare for married life together.




Yasmin is a 20-something fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger, sharing her interests, passions and general life-happenings on her blog, The Girl with the Big Hair. Following a romantic Loch Lomond proposal last autumn (you can read more about that here), Yasmin is now an excited bride-to-be and will be sharing every step of her wedding planning journey with SWD.

Yasmin lives in Glasgow with her fiance, Liam, and their Instagram famous pug, Indie. She loves fashion, beauty, dancing, travelling, food, movies, sleeping, and cookies “ a girl after our own heart!