SWD Visits… Cluny Castle, Inverurie

We were completely captivated by Cluny Castle, Inverurie, a picture-perfect 15th century castle + wedding venue…

Cluny Castle, Inverurie

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Cluny Castle, Inverurie

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I visit Cluny Castle in the middle of autumn and it’s beyond beautiful. You enter through these impressive gates and head up a winding driveway surrounded by over 200 acres of wooded parkland, which offers up every colour that makes this season so pretty.

The burnt orange and yellow copper of the trees can’t quite compete with the castle itself though, which is hidden from the road and feels utterly, magically secluded.

As well as offering some privacy for your big day, it also creates a seriously bewitching first impression.

Cluny Castle, Inverurie

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Lots of options…

The initial wow factor of the exterior stays with you throughout thanks to the castle’s gorgeous interiors.

First off, there’s a beautiful on-site chapel, which has an external entrance for guests (you can get to it through the castle, though, so there’s no need to go outside in your dress!) and striking stained glass windows.

IMAGE | Chris Henderson

Cluny Castle, Inverurie

There are two rooms inside the castle for your drinks reception, as well as the spacious landing and entrance hall, or, if the weather allows, enjoy some champagne and canapés outside on the lawn (Cluny Castle is still family run so there’s plenty of flexibility).

Next up, there’s Tenant’s Hall for your reception. This lovely space is a bit of a blank canvas, with neutral walls so you can add in whatever décor you like.

If you’re working with a bigger guest list, you can always put up a marquee next to the picturesque pond instead.

Cluny Castle, Inverurie

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Stay the night…

There’s also new accommodation for up to 26 guests to spend the night before or after your big day.

Recent renovations have created fresh and impressive bedrooms, each with original features totally befitting the historic castle – I fall a wee bit in love with the intricate four-poster bed in one of the bridal party suites!

Cluny Castle has been used as a film set, notably in The Queen starring Helen Mirren, so it goes without saying that you’ll have no trouble getting some gorgeous wedding photos.

All in all, despite its grandeur, the family-run castle feels surprisingly comfortable – it’s not a historic museum where you daren’t touch anything, but a welcoming place to get married in a style that befits royalty.

Visit Cluny Castle and start planning your big day

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