Surprise wedding in stylish west end restaurant The Bothy, Glasgow

Greig and Kate shocked their families when they invited them to a meal at The Bothy, Glasgow, to celebrate their engagement. When they turned up, they realised that all wasn’t as it seemed and the pair were getting married in the restaurant!

Not only that, but they left before the end of the night to jet off on honeymoon to Costa Rica. Now that’s what we call a whirlwind wedding – amazing!

Bride Kate tells us about their exciting celebration, with photos from Lena Sabala Wedding Photographer… 

“Greig and I have been together for 15 years, so there was a lot of pressure on what our wedding would be like after all that time together. So we decided that, to take the pressure off, we’d do things without anyone else getting involved.

We decided to have a surprise wedding because we’re both really laid back, chilled out people, and the idea of having a big wedding gave us both a heart attack.

We started off by booking our honeymoon to Costa Rica for November 2018, and we worked backwards from there.

We looked at a couple of venues, but we both instantly loved The Bothy; their private dining room is small and intimate, and fitted the bill perfectly.

We actually bought the engagement in May 2018, but we waited until September to announce our engagement so that we could make an excuse to have an engagement dinner with family and friends.

Another part of the surprise was that Grieg’s brother Kyle and his girlfriend Kayleigh had travelled over for the wedding from Australia. They hid out at our house for four days before the wedding so that they could be the surprise too!

The wedding day was very chilled. Myself, Grieg, Kyle and Kayleigh took everything to The Bothy; suitcases (we were leaving straight from the wedding at 9pm to go on honeymoon!), favours, wedding outfits, everything we needed.

Our families were told to arrive at 6pm for what they thought was our engagement meal. The staff were asked to keep them in the bar area until we arrived, however we were already upstairs getting ourselves and the room ready.

We both got our wedding outfits on in the loos at The Bothy – very glam!

Kyle and Kayleigh both went down to have their moment of surprise, and people were so stunned to see them that they didn’t even click why they were there.

Then they came upstairs, and were filmed walking in to me, Greig, and our minister standing at the fireplace, ready to say our vows.

The minister told them that they were actually here to witness our marriage, and the penny dropped. There were lots of tears!

Greig’s mum was absolutely stunned, she screamed when she walked in and said she knew we’d do something like this!

The ceremony itself was short. We picked a couple of readings out, and the minister mentioned that we’d chosen him to conduct the ceremony because there were four generations of links to his church.

Grieg’s grampa had just passed away before the wedding, so we kept his space at the table with his hat and tie on the chair. It was such an emotional gesture.

After the ceremony, we sat down to eat. We completely forgot we hadn’t told everyone that we were leaving the meal to go on honeymoon, so as the car arrived to pick us up at 9pm, we went and got changed in the loos again and said goodbye to everyone!

People were gobsmacked but it was brilliant; they all loved it and said it was very ‘us’. They all stayed at The Bothy and had a great time.

After we left we were so giddy. We couldn’t believe we’d finally got married, and went over everything on the long journey to Gatwick Airport.

We had been in this secretive bubble and finally, everyone knew. It made us feel elated.

The phone calls and texts started coming in from those not there, as our family had posted on social media. The buzz was so exciting.

If you think you might like to have a surprise wedding, then my advice would be to go for it! The day is about the two of you, not everyone else.

Weddings these days can grow arms and legs, and cost a fortune. We just didn’t want that.

We did exactly what we wanted to do and can truly say it was the best day of our lives.

Noone was upset that we’d kept it a secret, they all loved the surprise!”

The Wedding of Kate & Greig from Cue The Mustard. Filmmaker on Vimeo.

Venue: The Bothy | Photographer: Lena Sabala Wedding Photographer | Videographer: Cue the Mustard | Minister: Jim Teasdale from Eastwood Parish Church, Glasgow

Dress: David’s Bridal | Jewellery: John McKay Jewellers | Accessories: Veil from Britten Weddings + shoes from Ted Baker | Groom’s suit + shoes: Cos

Cake: Rosewood Cakes | Florist: Lavender Blue | Stationery: Zazzle 

Hair: Katy Craig for Vidal Sassoon | Make-up: Lisa Campbell MUA