Steph’s Bride Diary: We’ve booked the wedding venue!

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Digital editor Steph has visited countless Scottish wedding venues, but there was one that really stuck in her mind.

The Loch Lomond Arms Hotel is a pub, restaurant and hotel all in one! 


Finding the perfect venue is something we write about a lot at SWD. I’ve worked here for over six years, so I’ve seen my fair share of amazing and beautiful wedding spaces.

When we got engaged, we knew what things were really important to us in a venue: that people could stay over the night before, and the night of, the wedding; that we could be creative with food and drink; and that there would be scope for great, atmospheric photographs.

The beer garden at Loch Lomond Arms is the perfect place for a sunny drinks reception

IMAGE | Julija Bernatovica


Cheers! I celebrated my birthday in style with a delicious meal at the LLA restaurant


One venue jumped into my mind straight away, and that was the Loch Lomond Arms Hotel in Luss. Loch Lomond is one of my favourite places in the world, and looks stunning come rain or shine, so I had my heart set on getting married in that area.

Rab and I had visited the venue about three years ago for the magazine, and I just got a really nice vibe from the place. The village of Luss is so pretty, calming and laid-back, too.

When an opportunity came up to visit the venue again in April, it seemed a nice coincidence that the dates offered were the night before and night of my 31st birthday.

The hotel has refurbished some areas, and we loved it even more than the first time. We found ourselves talking about the venue as if we’d already booked it, and imagining our guests sitting in the cherry blossom-lined beer garden, gin in hand.

Rab and I were treated to a sail on Beau Jangles, a stunning luxury yacht


Our friends and family will be staying in the gorgeous cottages behind the Loch Lomond Arms Hotel

IMAGE | Julija Bernatovica


We also got the chance to sample the fare of head chef David Hetherington, and ate so much good food on our trip; the seafood and fresh local produce is second to none.

Before the tour around the hotel was over, we’d already made our decision. I think we both knew this was the place we’d marry without even having to say a word to each other.

We can’t wait to work with chef David on our wedding menu!

IMAGE | Julija Bernatovica


It’s always a good idea to mull things over away from the venue, though, so we went home and chatted, but the deal was sealed. We phoned and booked our wedding for September 2020.

I can hardly believe it’s booked, but it’s really exciting! I can’t wait to get stuck into the plans and use this stunning venue to its full potential.



There are so many venues to choose from in Scotland, so here’s what I did to make our selection easier…



How far from home are you willing to travel, and ask your guests to travel?

We didn’t even consider venues that were further than an hour away from Glasgow, because although we are having guests staying all weekend, we know that won’t be possible for everyone.

Also, it’s easy enough to do a two-hour round trip if something important was forgotten!


It’s really important to sit down with your OH and decide what you want your wedding to be like, before you even head out to visit venues.

Do you want a glamorous, black tie affair? Can you imagine your pals partying in a festival setting? This will really help you narrow down your choices.

For us, we wanted somewhere that would allow our guests to stay over for a couple of nights, the option of an outdoor ceremony spot, abundant places for epic photographs and we didn’t want a set wedding package.

You should be checking out our Scottish wedding venues listicles, and the wedding venue finder too.

I found my happy place in Luss


When you know where you want to go and you’ve booked a visit, really pay attention to how you feel.

Do you get a buzz as soon as you walk up to the front door? Do you feel ‘right’ or at home there? Do you click with the people who’ll be taking care of you? Can you envision yourself being there, in your wedding dress, with all of your loved ones?

Be totally honest with yourselves.


Any wedding venue worth its salt will be quite happy for you to ask as many questions as you like.

Have a think about the main things you might like to know before you go, and afterwards, let the wedding co-ordinator know that you’ll email over a few others.

It can be overwhelming when you visit places, and you don’t always think of things until afterwards.


I knew in my heart that I wanted to book Loch Lomond Arms Hotel there and then, but we went home and mulled it over (albeit not for very long!).

This is important because it takes that raw emotion out of the equation and lets you take stock of everything. As soon as you’re sure, get the date secured with a deposit.

It’s the best feeling ever!

Stay tuned for another installment of Steph’s Bride Diary in August!