Steph’s Bride Diary: How I proposed to my bridesmaids

The bride diaries

Digital editor Steph got engaged on Christmas Eve 2017, and she’s got stuck right into her wedding planning journey. After the engagement, the next thing she wanted to do was assemble her bride squad… 

Steph (centre) and her bridesmaids outside Hutchesons City Grill 


Rab and I have been together for over nine years, so it’s safe to say that we’ve spoken about marriage more than once. After he popped the question, while we were out on a very rainy walk at Bothwell Castle on Christmas Eve, my mind immediately turned to the other important people in my life, and I knew that I wanted to ask my bridesmaids fairly early on in the planning process.

Having worked at Scottish Wedding Directory for the past six years, I also knew that I didn’t want to just ask them randomly. There’s nothing wrong with doing this but, in my mind, I was going to ‘propose’ to them, just as Rab had proposed to me, only I didn’t quite have the budget for four diamond rings!



Instead, I arranged little bouquets for three of my ‘maids “ Aspen, Kirsty- Ann and Victoria and a large bouquet for my chief bridesmaid Letitia, all from Mud Urban Flowers in Glasgow, complete with ‘Bridesmaid? Y/N’ calligraphy on the boxes by the fantastic Laila Lettering. I’ve loved Mud’s gorgeous bouquets for ages, so I knew that the girls would be delighted with them, and the personalisation just gave them that extra special touch.

I booked Hutchesons City Grill in Glasgow’s Merchant City for a delicious bubbles and brunch, and invited them all, making some excuse about a hen party review for the magazine.

I went into Glasgow an hour earlier, and grabbed a coffee in Tinderbox, sitting down to write messages in the personalised gold foil cards I had bought from Peachy Prints UK on Etsy.

Chief bridesmaid Letitia + bridesmaid Aspen loved their bouquets


I was actually really nervous (maybe this was a tiny taste of how Rab felt before he asked me to marry him), and my hand was shaking as I started to write each of the cards.

I’d spent some time in the days and weeks before writing them each a letter, which I saved in my phone notes to transcribe onto the cards. It’s difficult to fit exactly how you feel about a person into a card, especially someone you’ve had 10 to 15 years of friendship with!



Mud Urban Glasgow delivered the bouquets directly to Hutchesons City Grill for me, and I got there 20 minutes early to make sure everything was ok. The staff were so wonderful and helpful, holding the bouquets behind the scenes and then delivering them when we all had a charged glass of fizz!

The girls were totally surprised, and it was really lovely watching them read their cards and to be able to share in the excitement of it all with them, my wee bride squad!

Belvedere Bouquet: our very own bridesmaid’s cocktail! 


Afterwards, we went to Champagne Central to carry on our celebrations; the bar staff even made us a special ‘bridesmaids’ cocktail called the Belvedere Bouquet: a mix of Belvedere Grapefruit, cointreau, pineapple juice, freshly squeezed lemon juice and homemade sugar syrup. They were delicious!

We’d reserved Champagne Corner so had our own little space, and we even plugged in a phone and fired up a Spotify playlist. Safe to say a fair few bottles of prosecco were enjoyed!

Cheers! Our own space at Champagne Central


It really was a day to remember, and I am so glad that I asked my bridesmaids in a bit of a different way than usual.

Although my sore head the next morning is something I don’t care to repeat. Not until the hen do, anyway!

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