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You’re going to spend A LOT of time with your wedding photographer, so finding someone you connect with and feel comfortable around is essential!

To help you get to know Richard Craig Photography all the quicker, we sat down with Richard and Debbie (the talented duo behind the company!) for a friendly chat…

Richard Craig Photography

1 How long have you been photographing weddings for?

Richard has been photographing weddings professionally for the last 10 years, but he has been interested in photography since his childhood.

He shot his first wedding at 15 years old which sparked his love and drive to make photography his career and the rest, as they say, is history!

He also shoots commercial fashion, which comes through in his weddings as he has close attention to detail.

Debbie has been shooting with Richard for around 4 years and has aided him in bringing new ideas and another set of  eyes (and cameras) with her into the photography, meaning more memories can be captured at each wedding day.

Richard Craig Photography Richard Craig Photography

2 How do you and Debbie work as a team?

We work very much as a team, both ensuring that everything is covered by communicating and knowing what the other is thinking.

It means we’re able to get ourselves into positions so we’re not in each others way, but are still able to get the best shots.

Richard usually takes the more prominent role in wedding photography, with Debbie supporting and getting shots from different angles and of candid moments (like the first reaction of seeing the bride coming down the aisle).

It’s a running joke between us and our couples that Debbie is like a spare bridesmaid at times, ensuring our brides dresses and veils are sitting perfectly (or occasionally even getting our brides into their dresses!).

Debbie also organises the family photographs so that these run smoothly and the guests have the maximum time to spend enjoying themselves.

Richard then does most of the editing and post-production for weddings, and Debbie completes most of the administrative side.

Albums are worked on as a combined task with both Richard, Debbie and the couple involved in getting their album and products just right.

Richard Craig Photography Richard Craig Photography

3 How would you describe your photography style?

It’s a very natural style; we like to see our couples’ personalities coming into the photos.

We try to do this by making our photography fun, relaxed and friendly. We do shoot posed images but we make the poses as relaxed and natural as we can by asking the couple to do a basic pose and allowing them to naturally fall into it.

For example, we would ask the couple to put their arms around each other and just let them do it their way, only stepping in if it looked awkward or was covering a face.

We would rather it was a comfortable position for the couple rather than one we have moulded them into – unless of course this is what the couple would like! We’re very adaptable and shoot what the couple want. It is, after all, their wedding images so we capture what they want.

Richard Craig Photography Richard Craig Photography

4 What do you love most about wedding photography?

Mostly we love the atmosphere of the day and getting to know our couples on the lead up to it.

Because we spend time getting to know each couple personally, each wedding feels very personal and we just love to see everyone’s emotions.

The fact that our couples have chosen us to capture these memories is also very special to us so we do our utmost to capture images that they will treasure for a lifetime.

It may be slightly selfish of us, but we just love to see people enjoying themselves so the romance and excitement of the day speaks for itself, almost making photographing the day easier as everyone is smiling. They’re naturally creating the special moments for us to capture,  so there is very little direction required from us.

Richard Craig Photography Richard Craig Photography

5 Can you describe how you work with a couple?

From booking us for your wedding to receiving your products, it can be as personal as the couple want it.

We’re always available by phone, email or social media and try to respond as quickly as possible (or you are welcome to drop by for a cuppa and biscuit if you wish!),  and we always arrange to meet (or skype/call) with our couples prior to a booking being confirmed.

We would rather do this so that the couple are comfortable with us, as we will be with them for a substantial part of their wedding day.

Most of our options include a pre-wedding shoot, which allows the couple to get any pre-wedding photography nerves settled as they get a preview of how we will work with them.

Richard Craig Photography Richard Craig Photography

6 How long do you shoot for on the wedding day?

The length of our day is decided by our couples. Some would like us to be there all day to capture everything, while others are looking for a shorter coverage.

We’ll shoot whatever our couple want and whatever makes them comfortable.

It’s their wedding day and we want them to relax and enjoy the day, so our photography is very much client-orientated and we’re very sensitive to what the couples needs are (we have a fair wee bit of experience with calming nerves and relaxing our couples!).

We always explain that our couples have us for as long as they wish,  but a standard day for us is usually bridal preparations through to the 2nd or 3rd dance.

Richard Craig Photography Richard Craig Photography

7 Do you have any wedding photography packages?

Although we do have a variety of options for our couples to choose from, ranging from USB digital packages right up to the kitchen sink (we tried to cover everything and every budget), we’re also very flexible and can adapt any package to suit the needs of our couple.

Flexibility is key! We wouldn’t ask couples to completely confirm their exact product wishes until their final balance is due (an indication is good,  but we don’t ask for it to be set in stone until much closer to the time as circumstances can change).

We’re always open to client input. It’s their wedding so it should be captured and presented in a way that shows them off to their full potential, from their pre-wedding shoot right through to their products.

We want someone to look at one of our photographs and be able to feel the emotions of the day, and also see the personalities of our couples shining through.


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