Spotlight on… NutMeg Couture

She made her first wedding dress at school from a bed sheet but these days Glasgow designer Megan Cuthbertson of NutMeg Couture favours sumptuous fabrics and fine embellishments for her gorgeous gowns.

Glasgow designer Megan Cuthbertson

How did you first get into bridalwear design “ what’s your story?

It all started in school. I made my first ˜wedding’ dress out of a white bed sheet for a school project and from there blossomed the NutMeg label.

I went on to study fashion, learned the trade and officially launched NutMeg Couture in 2010. I started with smaller commissions for eveningwear and then moved officially into bridal.


What do you love about designing wedding dresses?

The brides! I have met so many incredible women at the most exciting point of their lives and it is so special to be a part of that.

Every design brings something new, whether it’s fabrics, design or construction. I love being able to piece together the ideas and bring it all to life.

‘Imani’ gown (back + front)

Where do you find inspiration for your bridal gowns?

I take a lot of inspiration from fabrics and embellishments. All my collection gowns have been inspired by one key component around which the rest of the design is constructed.

I love intricate beading and embellishments combined with clean line designs.


How do you work with your brides when designing their custom gowns?

We take brides’ ideas and inspiration and provide them with a selection of design sketches and fabrics.

We then refine the style and fit through a series of mock-ups before progressing to the final gown, where all the detail is perfected! We also create accessories to complement the gowns.

‘Jade’ gown

IMAGE | Ian Lynchahon

‘Lily’ train

Who is the NutMeg Couture bride?

NutMeg Couture brides are unique and creative, searching for a gown that reflects their own personality or style, a gown that will not be found anywhere else. They are beautiful, confident and individual.


Have you a stand-out dress you have designed over the years?

Every dress is as unique as the bride that wears it so they all stand out to me. I have done everything from glamorous silk fishtails to boho-style gowns. Each one is just as exciting as the next.


What would you be doing if you weren’t a dress designer?

I would probably still be doing something creative within the industry, possibly a wedding planner or stylist. I really enjoy interpreting people’s ideas and turning them into a reality.


~ Meet the REAL NutMeg Couture brides! ~

IMAGE | Ben Poffley

We’re in love with the lace T-shirt sleeves on Rachael’s beautiful silk crepe dress. 

IMAGE | Samantha Nicol

Kirsti is effortlessly glam in her silk satin fishtail gown with lingerie bodice.


Find about more about this Glasgow bridal dress designer by visiting the NutMeg Couture website.