Say I Do to a personal wedding ceremony with Humanist Society Scotland

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Choosing a celebrant to marry you and your partner might just be one of your most important wedding-related decisions.

With Humanist Society Scotland you’ll be able to find a celebrant you can trust to make the most special moment of your wedding as easy and perfect as possible.

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All Humanist Society Scotland celebrants benefit from being part of a community of over 110 fantastic individuals across Scotland who engage in ongoing training and reviews.

Their continual sharing of advice and support, combined with professional training, ensures each celebrant will deliver a wonderful, personal ceremony for every couple.

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Over and above this, Humanist Society Scotland are the most trusted provider of Humanist ceremonies in Scotland.

As the national charity for Humanists they are the only non-religious body granted the status by the Scottish Parliament to authorise their own celebrants.

This means that only they can guarantee you a Humanist celebrant to legally marry you whatever the date of your wedding, so you’ll be in safe hands no matter which Humanist Society Scotland celebrant you choose!

Carol Knight, formerly Carol Smillie, tells us why she chose to train with Humanist Society Scotland


“I became a celebrant after a chance meeting with an ex-news presenter in Portugal who was conducting ceremonies out there.

It suddenly occurred to me that here was a role that used all the skills I already had; script writing, public speaking and dealing with people. I’d just licensed my business, my kids had all left home, and the timing was right.

My beliefs and values are reflected in the work of Humanist Society Scotland and I loved the fact there was proper training and a huge back-up support of all the other long-established celebrants, who are so kind and generous with their time and expertise.

I felt as if I’d joined a family, and although I may be working alone most of the time, I was never really alone, thanks to them. I was slightly apprehensive initially – people are not expecting to see Carol Smillie up there!

But conducting ceremonies at the best, and worst, times of people’s lives is an absolute privilege and more rewarding than television had ever been. I love the flexibility and diversity.

No two ceremonies are ever the same; each is unique to that person, family or couple. We tell their story and focus very much on them, and that’s what people love.”


Find out more about Humanist Society Scotland and their promise on their website.

You’ll also be able to search to find out which celebrants are available on your wedding date.