Pre-Wedding Skincare for Mums

_0010_MUM'S OUTFITS + OCCASIONWEAR“The mother of the bride and the groom should definitely have a hint of glam, elegance and class when it comes to make-up,” says Leigh, MUA at Makeup by Leigh Blaney. “Avoid full on coverage though, they can look cakey and emphasise fine lines instead of covering them.”

It’s fair to say that as women get older, the signs start to show in their skin, even the most well looked after faces have lines and wrinkles that come with aging but there are ways to enhance natural beauty and hide those lines with the right make-up and skincare.

“Good, healthy skin is an essential base,” says Yvonne Hills, Marketing Manager at Zen Lifestyle in Edinburgh. “Gentle exfoliation works to encourage luminous skin as it removes surface debris allowing the skin to soak up oils and vitamins found in quality products.”

With age, skin loses collagen and elastin which can cause drooping in skin and deeply set wrinkles. As well as this, ladies over 40 may see some hormonal changes to the skin. “Menopause causes a drop in oestrogen, which has a detrimental effect on underlying layers of the skin,” explains Lesley McCormick of Pamper & Polish based in Wishaw.

“Age spots and sun damage also start to creep in and ladies need to up their skincare routine. Kylie Macbeth from The Aisle “ Bridal Hair and Makeup agrees: “Use products packed with antioxidants to combat environmental factors too, such as a serum with vitamin C followed by a moisturiser.”

It’s not only the natural process of aging, genetics and environmental factors that you have to combat, but your diet is a big factor in the quest for healthy skin too, as Lyn McKenzie of Lyn McKenzie Make Up explains.

“My biggest tip, regardless of age, is to drink lots of water and eat a healthy, balanced diet. The benefits aren’t just to our skin but it certainly does help it too!”