Natural and authentic wedding snaps: getting to know Ambar D’Andrea Photography

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Your  wedding is one of the most important moments in your life, and in the lives of the people who love you! It’s a day you will remember forever, so finding a photographer who’ll perfectly capture the magic of it all is essential.

Ambar D’Andrea Photography will do exactly that!

With 12 years plus experience taking photos around the world with an incredible group of professionals, Ambar D’Andrea strives to get the best images according to the personality of each wedding.

Ambar D'Andrea Photography

Natural and authentic

First things first, with Ambar D’Andrea Photography you are guaranteed to end up with beautiful images.

Ambar is an expert at capturing the love and happiness between couples on their big day. She takes full advantage of the lighting and the environment to create the perfect atmosphere, and the results speak for themselves.

Ambar D'Andrea Photography

“I really want my images to be natural and tell the love story that is unfolding before my eyes, so couples can look back 20-30 years from their big day and feel the same emotions”, explains Ambar.

Ambar D'Andrea Photography Ambar D'Andrea Photography

Stylish storytelling

Ambar D’Andrea Photography will also capture your day in style without you even being aware she is there.

She’ll capture the intimate and emotional details throughout your day in a natural and unobtrusive manner.

Ambar D'Andrea Photography

Getting to know you

If you get nervous in front of the camera, fear not; you will love Ambar D’Andrea Photography’s friendly, reassuring and comprehensive service.

Included in the cost of hiring Ambar is a pre-wedding meeting to discuss creative ideas and ensure that all your needs are met.

Ambar D'Andrea Photography

“I enjoy having a pre-wedding meeting with couples because this lets me meet them, discuss new creative ideas and get a true feeling of their love. It also allows me to put the couples at ease with me and the camera,” says Ambar.

Ambar D'Andrea Photography


Ambar D'Andrea Photography

Order of the day

From the pre-wedding meeting right through to the day itself, Ambar will help put you at ease so you can enjoy your day.

She will be there to capture every moment, starting with the bridal prep! “I like to arrive a couple of hours before the ceremony and capture the excitement of the girls preparation stages” says Ambar. “I love to capture the little things and the emotion as it builds.”

“If it is requested, I’m happy to split my time between the bride and groom, or go the church early so the men don’t feel left out. After all, it is their big day too,” adds Ambar.


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