Meet the groom who asked his mum to be best man!

Like many grooms, when Mark Reid got engaged to other half Kathryn his attention quickly turned to choosing a best man. But unlike most grooms, he chose a very special woman in his life to fulfil the role: his mum, Sandra.

Mark with his mum, Sandra | Gail Photography

“I have always been close to my mum and asking her to be my best man was an easy decision to make,” says Mark, who married partner Kathryn at Strathaven Hotel in April. “I had always considered that my Papa would be my best man, however he sadly passed away about 18 months before our wedding.”

Mark’s mum, Sandra, was surprised to be asked, but happily accepted. Bride Kathryn was similarly surprised by the unexpected choice, but knew it was the right decision.

“I was initially surprised purely because I had never seen or heard of it being done before, but knowing how close they were I knew it was actually a perfect choice for Mark and I was delighted that she agreed,” says Kathryn.


Mark and Kathryn on their wedding day | Gail Photography
Sandra, Mark and Kathryn | Gail Photography

Sandra threw herself into the role with gusto, carrying out lots of the duties that would typically be done by a best man (except she’s a mum, which means she did it waaaay better).

“Before the wedding she helped me organise my kilt and helped me with my speech, and on the day she was in charge of getting me there, dressed and ready on time, as well as responsible for the rings,” says Mark. “She also had to do the traditional best man’s speech, however I think I managed to escape without any embarrassing stories about me growing up!”

Sandra delivering her best (wo)man’s speech | Gail Photography

And now for the question everyone wants to know the answer to – did Mark’s mum go on the stag?

“No, my stag night wasn’t organised or attended by my mum; this job was delegated to my ushers Alan and John,” says Mark. “She did however contribute to our kitty money which we all appreciated with a gin or two.” (But don’t worry, Sandra still got to enjoy some pre-wedding celebrations by attending Kathryn’s hen night!)

On the wedding day, guests commented on how lovely it was for Mark to have his mum as his best (wo)man, and it made the groom’s day extra special.

Mark loved having his mum by his side | Gail Photography

“It just seemed right to have her by my side as best man on my wedding day,” he says. “We’ve always been close and get on really well together. I couldn’t imagine having anyone else there on such a special day.”  Aww!