Meet Humanist Society Scotland’s new celebrants!

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Whether you’re recently engaged or just finally getting around to wedding planning in 2019, if you’re looking to have a personal and meaningful Humanist ceremony then now’s the perfect time to find your celebrant.

Humanist Society Scotland are delighted to have recently authorised nine new wedding celebrants to add to their existing fantastic team. All of them are trained to the highest of standards and are there to have a chat about your big day!

Here’s a wee introduction (keep an eye out to see if you can spot a familiar face!):


Getting to know Humanist Society Scotland

Humanist Society Scotland is Scotland’s most trusted provider of Humanist ceremonies, with a well-deserved reputation for delivering amazingly heartfelt and personal weddings.

They’ve been conducting legal weddings in Scotland since 2005 and only Humanist Society Scotland Registered Celebrants are permanently authorised to conduct Humanist weddings, so you and your ceremony couldn’t be in safer hands.

Humanist Society Scotland

IMAGE | Lynne Kennedy Photography

How it works

Once you have chosen your celebrant, they’ll have a chat with you to find out more about you both.

They can then talk you through lots of different options and help you put together the elements you want to create your unique ceremony reflecting your personalities and relationship.

You can write everything from scratch or choose phrases and ideas that you love; there’s no set way!

Your celebrant will work hard to create a ceremony that is perfect for you, and that you are totally comfortable with.

Humanist Society Scotland

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Supporting Humanist Society Scotland

Humanist Society Scotland ceremonies are personal and sincere, meaning you can enjoy a ceremony that is bespoke, inspiring and a wonderful reflection of your love and life, carried out by someone who shares your beliefs and values.

By having a Humanist Society ceremony, you are also assisting a fantastic charity to make a positive impact on society through their campaigning work (you can find lots more information about their charitable work here).


Find the perfect Humanist Society Scotland celebrant for you