Love blooms at beautifully botanic wedding at Fernie Castle, Cupar

We absolutely love this dreamy botanical wedding that took place last summer at Fernie Castle – so much flower power inspiration!

Here’s bride Lydia talking about how it all came together… 

At the time of planning our wedding, Chris and I were based in Los Angeles which made venue shopping quite tricky. We were home for a week for his brother’s wedding and had one day assigned to the venue search. Fernie Castle is a beautiful, quaint castle creating just the right amount of magic without being cliché.

We created a word cloud of all the feelings we wanted associated with our day. We are both fairly laid back and what came was a pretty clear theme: a relaxed atmosphere where people could enjoy themselves without too much formality.

The Laird of Fernie is friendly and has been hosting weddings for years. He provided lots of advice. My sister and cousin both work in the wedding industry so had plenty of ideas.

We held our ceremony on the lawn in front of the castle which was really special. We spent a lot of time crafting ours so it reflected us as a couple. What was great about Fernie is that they were able to be flexible. The venue does so much to contribute to the overall vibe of the day and offers an open space where guests can mingle.

We had a ‘Host The Roast’! One person at each table had a chef’s apron underneath their chair to put on and serve their table a cut of Scottish sirloin. The food was beautiful and the added entertainment helped people to loosen up.

I think a common challenge is balancing the opinions of others with your own ideas. Figure out which things are really important to you and make those decisions yourself.

The staff were on point! My glass was never empty and everything happened when it needed to. We danced on the tables until 2am with all our best friends and family around – what a joy!

There is a sense of deep responsibility you feel to one another that wasn’t there before. I know his happiness and success isn’t just going to affect him, it will affect me and if we are lucky, our children one day. It’s quite a unique and special bond.

Photographer: Anna Urban PhotographyVenue: Fernie CastleTransport: Waterside WeddingsDress designer: PronoviasBridal store: Anne Priscilla BridalFlorist: Mood FlowersShoes: Shoes of PreyStationery: Bliss Paper BoutiqueHair: Laura Anderson Bridal Hair SpecialistMake up: Jessica Scott | Chalk board artist: Hannah Exall Design