Laura’s Bride Diary: Planning our wedding when family + friends don’t live close by can be tough

Laura’s finding that planning a wedding can be tough when your friends and family don’t live close by.

After William proposed and we had our moment, we called our loved ones to share the news. Because my excitement levels were so high, when I called my closest friends I automatically asked them to be my bridesmaids, which is a moment I think of with so much joy. I couldn’t imagine our day without them by our side – they are such a big part of my life and shape who I am as a person.

There’s Mara, Alina and Alexa, childhood and high school friends who live in Denmark, Italy and London, respectively; Hannah and Faye, who I’ve known since uni and who both stay down south; and Natasha, who I met through SWD and is the only bridesmaid who actually lives in Scotland!

Faye, Hannah + me during our third year at uni

A few months down the wedding planning path, I realised that having six bridesmaids scattered throughout Europe can be logistically challenging. I’m letting my bridesmaids each pick their own dress (so long as they all go for the same colour), and we’ve set up a Facebook chat to make sure everyone feels involved in the wedding plans.

One of the most difficult things I’ve found is not having my family close to me, especially my mum. Not having her there when I bought my dress was so hard, as it’s supposed to be such a special moment for a mother and daughter to share.

My mum + I back home in Romania 

In saying that, thanks to Facebook video chat – and my maid of honour, Natasha, holding two phones at the same time – not to mention the patience of Rachel from Olive Jones Bridal, my mum in Romania and aunt in Germany got to share the shopping experience from afar. It was still heart-wrenching not being able to hug them and celebrate together afterwards.

On the plus side, because we chat every day, I’ve been able to involve my mum in the wedding planning process. In fact, because we’re incorporating quite a lot of my heritage into our theme, my mum is helping out by collecting the décor elements that will bring together the whole venue. Also, along with her friends, she will make some traditional Romanian dishes for the evening buffet.

My maid of honour (and editor of SWD) Natasha

Though there are obviously downsides of living far away from your loved ones, at the same time I feel this will make the actual day even more rewarding and exciting.

My advice to anyone who is in a similar situation is to communicate lots, create group chats, share Pinterest boards and enjoy every moment when you get together!


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