How do I choose which tartan to wear on my wedding day?

Don’t know where to begin when you’re choosing a tartan for your wedding day outfit? Take our advice…

The kilt a groom wore used to be dictated by his clan tartan, but not so now.

It’s nice to pay homage to your heritage but you may not like your family tartan or even have one. If that’s the case, there’s a vast array to choose from. If you’d like to go down the route of wearing a family tartan, then that will narrow the search significantly.

You could choose from:

  • Your own family name
  • Your partner’s family name
  • A related name. This is called a Sept; surnames that don’t have their own clan but are associated with another clan.

Another good idea is to search for a commemorative tartan which stands for an important person or event (for example, the Help for Heroes tartan), a universal tartan like Flower of Scotland tartan or Freedom tartan, or even the tartan of your favourite football team!

Speak to your partner first to find out if any colours are off-limits. If lots of effort has been put into creating a particular colour scheme, you may be asked to choose something that complements it!

Grey-based Hebridean tartans can be very popular. Grey’s a great neutral which lends itself well to most themes and can be paired with pretty much any colour of tie.

DID YOU KNOW… there are many other tartans that come from different cities or countries, like Ireland and Wales, which is great if you aren’t Scottish but still want to wear a kilt!

Find everything you need for your wedding kilt outfit and much more in our online directory!