Hot weather make-up tips for your wedding abroad from Leslie Sneddon Makeup Artistry

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Getting married abroad in a hot country is a dream come true for many soon-to-be brides – the locale is gorgeous, you (hopefully!) don’t have to wrestle with a 200+ guest list and, best of all, the sun is shining.

But there’s a dark side to every ray of sunshine, and that dark side is usually – well – sweat!

You want to look your best on your wedding day, but if you’re not used to applying make-up in high temperatures, your look might not be as long lasting as you’d like.

But don’t worry if you think your make-up can’t take the heat. We’ve had a chat with expert Leslie Sneddon Makeup Artistry to find out what her top tips are for keeping your wedding day make-up on all day, no matter the weather!  


As you would at home, you have to prep your skin for make-up application, says Leslie.

“It’s important to stick to your skincare regime, even on your wedding day. Make sure to tone with a cotton pad before applying makeup this cools and rejuvenates the skin, creating a lovely, healthy base to work on.”

You might also want to think about switching to products you might not usually use at home, for example, Leslie suggests using a mattifying primer if you don’t use one already.

They’re usually used by people with oily skin, which means they can be really helpful in absorbing excess shine.


You want your skin to be able to breathe in the heat, so weighing it down with heavy creams and foundations is a no-no. “Try to stick to light foundations like MAC Studio Face and Body which are lightweight but provide great coverage.

Also, don’t forget to use a good setting powder like Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish which will finish off your look and won’t make your face overheat and sweat!” says Leslie.

When choosing your lip colour, Leslie suggests having a quick Google search for long lasting liquid lipsticks in your ideal shade, as they are less likely to dry out.

If you’re prone to dry lips, Leslie says to ask a member of your wedding party to keep some lip balm on them so you re-moisturise your lips without layering on tons of extra colour.

“And remember to invest in waterproof eyeliner and mascara like Kat Von D ‘Tattoo Liner’ Liquid Liner and Maybelline Lash Sensational Waterfproof Mascara to minimise any chance of it running or smudging in the heat,” says Leslie.


“Setting spray is a must,” says Leslie. “I’m in love with the Gerard Cosmetics Slay All Day Setting Sprays, they have nearly every flavour you could dream of, but my fave is coconut or rose.”

Also, buying a small portable fan to take with you can be a real lifesaver. “They can really be a make-up artist’s best tool in hot conditions, and will be really helpful if you’re getting married abroad and have decided to do your wedding make-up yourself.

I personally love the EasyAcc Mini Portable Fan – really powerful but still easy to fit in your suitcase!”


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