The Girl with the Big Hair: Getting my skin wedding ready

Bride-to-be blogger Yasmin from The Girl with the Big Hair shares her current skin saviours in getting wedding-ready skin.

Two years to plan a wedding sounds like a long time but when you break it down, throw numerous social events into the calendar and make a concrete check list of what needs done before saying ‘I do’, suddenly two years seems like a frighteningly short period of time.

Like every bride, I want to be looking my absolute best on my wedding day and, as vain as it sounds, I would love for everyone to look at me walking down the aisle thinking, ‘Damn, she looks good!’ With that said, one area I want to start focusing on now is my skincare.

For someone who has always struggled with breakouts and acne, I long for dewy, fresh, clear skin that requires little to no make-up. Despite my skin woes, I don’t like to wear thick make-up as I hate how it feels on my skin, and the same goes for my wedding day so I need to ensure I am glowing from within!

Bored with my current routine, I’ve been seeking new beauty products and recently came across a few gems that have got me completely excited about starting my bridal skincare routine. Here’s how I’m going to be getting photo-ready for the big day.

Make-up remover

To get rid of the day’s make-up I like to use Garnier Micellar Oil Infused Cleansing Water (£5.99). It’s really gentle on the skin and gets my make-up off in a flash. I like to use the oil infused version in the evening as it’s a little tougher and gets my mascara off quicker. This does leave a slight residue on my skin, but knowing I’m going to be going in with a cleanser means it doesn’t bother me. I use the original Garnier Skin Micellar Cleansing Water (£4.99) in the morning if I ever want to give my face a little re-fresh.


I recently discovered an amazing cleanser and it’s from Fake Bake of all brands – I’m obsessed! The Skin D-Luxe Dream Skin Cleansing Melt (£15) is a stiff balm that you work into your face to dissolve make-up and remove dirt. I use a muslin cloth to wipe away the product and it leaves my skin feeling nourished and clean. The product is said to be anti-ageing so perfect for a bride edging nearer to 30!


One item I’ll be adding back into my routine is the Pixi Glow Tonic (£18). The raved about product really does live up to its reviews and I love it. It gives your skin a real glow and helps to get rid of any dead skin cells.



My latest find is the new obsession – the L’Oreal Paris Hydra Genius Liquid Care (£9.99). New on the market, this moisturiser does something magic to your skin. Not only is it very moisturising but as soon as you put it on, your skin looks 10 times better. I’m almost certain this will be in my beauty routine for a very long time.

Eye cream

This is the one area I need to attend to. I have wrinkles deepening around my eyes and I need to stop them in their tracks! I’m struggling to find one that is nourishing, gentle and purse friendly but I’m on the hunt!

Face mask

I love a face mask on a pamper night, but I’d like to introduce masking at least every two weeks. There are a few on the market that I’m keen to try – the Glamglow Supermud Mask (£39), L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Detox Mask (£7.99) and the Origins GinZing Energy boosting moisturizer (£25).

With products I’m happy with and a goal to cleanse, tone and moisturise religiously I’m excited to see how my skin is looking in a few months time. I’ll keep you updated!



Yasmin is a 20-something fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger, sharing her interests, passions and general life-happenings on her blog, The Girl with the Big Hair. Following a romantic Loch Lomond proposal last autumn (you can read more about that here), Yasmin is now an excited bride-to-be and will be sharing every step of her wedding planning journey with SWD.

Yasmin lives in Glasgow with her fiance, Liam, and their Instagram famous pug, Indie. She loves fashion, beauty, dancing, travelling, food, movies, sleeping, and cookies – a girl after our own heart!