Grooms, consider this before you buy your wedding day outfit

Grooms are making more of an effort than ever before with their wedding outfits. Here’s how to ensure you receive just as many compliments as the bride on the big day!

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Kilts are the most popular choice in Scotland. They look great on most men and are part of our national dress “ but if you don’t feel confident wearing one, don’t force yourself.

Paul Swadzba, of The Kilt Hire Co in Edinburgh, suggests if you haven’t worn one before try it on in the shop first.

Ultimately, it’s all about choosing something that you feel confident in. It’s also wise to involve your other half in the discussion, especially when it comes to choosing your suit or tartan colour.

Top tips for choosing your tartan
  • Consider whether your family has their own tartan
  • If you’re concerned about clashing tartans, have the party wear the same jackets and shirts instead.
  • You can opt for tartan trews instead if you’d prefer

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As with any aspect of your wedding, your budget will influence your choice of outfit, or at least your decision as to whether you buy or hire.

The upside to hiring an outfit is that it’s cheaper. This can be particularly helpful if you’ve got lots of groomsmen, as some companies may give you a special deal if you hire a certain number of outfits.

However, it won’t be tailored to fit you exactly. This can be important thing where suits are concerned.  If your trousers are the right length and everything fits you well, you’ll look good.

Tailored slim-fit tapered suits in a bold shade of blue, in particular, will help you look sharp on the day.

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Take tailoring to a whole new level by ordering a bespoke kilt outfit or suit. Bear in mind, however, that this option requires a bit of forward-planning “ ideally the process should begin at least six months ahead of your wedding.

“A made-to-measure outfit means that you get to have an input into everything, from the style and fabric of the jacket, to the buttonholes, to the type of tartan or tweed,” says Norma Louden, sales advisor at Kiltpin in Falkirk.

The benefit of going bespoke is that you’re making a real investment.  This is an outfit that you’re going to have forever, and because you’ve had a say in every aspect of it, you’ll actually want to wear it again.

A hybrid jacket, for example, can be worn with a kilt as well as with jeans, making it even more wearable after the wedding.

Personalising an outfit is fun, too “ you could have the date of your wedding embroidered underneath your jacket collar, or opt for an unusual tartan.

One groom who wore a bespoke outfit from The Kilt Hire Co ended up loving his tartan so much that he got it tattooed on his arm!



Accessories can really elevate your outfit. A buttonhole, or boutonni¨re, that ties in with the bride’s (or bridesmaids’) bouquets always looks classy. Kilt pins, cufflinks and sporrans offer an easy way to add personality to your outfit without going over the top.

If you’re a jazzy dresser outwith your wedding, why not hint at your usual style with a pair of jazzy socks, braces, an alternative tie pin or a colourful bow tie?

You’ve made an effort with your outfit, so don’t ruin the look by forgetting those all-important finishing touches.

Think about when you’re usually happiest with your hair and make an appointment with your usual barber to suit. Most grooms opt for a clean shave for their wedding, but if you’re never seen without a bit of facial hair, make sure it’s very well groomed.