Going unplugged: how to ask your guests to stop posting photos on social media during your wedding

You’ve spent ages picking out a dress, getting hair and make-up trials, choosing the colour scheme, and looking for the perfect finishing touches to your wedding day decor. And then the first picture of your big day that ends up on social media is a blurry photo at a skew-whiff angle that your second cousin was hashtagging while you started making your wedding vows. Totally not what you worked so hard for, right?

Asking your guests not to take photos during your ceremony and hold off posting anything until after the reception is totally reasonable – you want to encourage your loved ones to actually enjoy the moment rather than bury their heads in their social media feeds, and the last thing your photographer wants is to have their perfectly composed photo ruined by a bunch of guests waving their iPhones in the air.

But it can feel awkward getting that message across. We’ve compiled a list of the best ways to get your friends and family to #unplug for your wedding day.

Put it on your order of service or invitation.

Write a brief and polite message on your order of service or invitation to let your guests know you would appreciate it if they did not take photos during your ceremony.

Ask your officiator to tell your guests at the beginning of the ceremony.

Your officiator will be happy to gently tell your guests to not use their phones – that way no one can complain they didn’t get the memo!

Print a large sign.

Make it fun with a large sign featuring fun rhymes or clever wordplay. Check out Pinterest for inspiration.

Unplugged wedding sign | £6.45, Etsy

Use an app like WedPics so that your guests can post their photos privately.

If your guests just can’t wait to post photos, you can set up a private image gallery where everyone can post and share the photos from the day – a perfect compromise!