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Unlike TV shows and films where directors can ask for multiple reshoots to get a scene Oscar-perfect, wedding videographers only get one chance to capture your special day.

And since your wedding film is so important – you want to be left with a film that’ll bring up lots of happy memories every time you watch it, after all – it’s essential you find a wedding filmmaker you can trust to absolutely nail it!

With a talented team of shooters and editors to rely on, Strawberry Wedding Films won’t let you down. We spoke to owner James to find out more…

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Strawberry Wedding Films are all about leaving their brides and grooms with fun, creative and cinematic wedding films – that’s why every member of the team shares owner James’ passion and talent for film.

“My team at Strawberry Wedding Films has grown really organically,” explains James. “Everyone that works with me is someone who I’ve worked with previously, and everyone brings plenty of experience and something different to the table.”

As well as James, when you first get in touch with Strawberry Wedding Films you’ll likely end up speaking to Autumn (their office manager) and Lara, the Couple Care Manager. Lara’s the one who’ll keep in touch with you after your wedding and keep you posted on things like when your wedding film will be ready!

Finding the right team

James himself does lots of filming, but also oversees all projects and will meet you during your consultation to help find the best shooter (or team of shooters) to capture your wedding day.

Once James has figured out what you’re hoping to get from your wedding film, he’ll offer his advice on what’s needed to properly document your big day.

The shooters always work in teams so they can capture your day from all angles, and there’s also options for using the likes of drones.

You’ll also have a variety of packages to pick from depending on what you’re looking for!

On the day

Alongside James, the other Strawberry Wedding Films primary shooters are Gordon (a documentary filmmaker for the BBC) and Mirik (a convert filmmaker who also specialises in music videos).

But you might also end up having Jacob or Nick shooting your big day, both of whom also work in corporate filmmaking.

“We all know what we need to shoot, what kit we need and what looks best,” explains James. “We’ve also all worked together so we’re a close-knit network of friends. That makes shooting together easier.”

Although you’ll have more than one shooter filming your wedding, you’ll be assigned a primary shooter. They’ll be your point of contact and will have a Facetime with you before your wedding, to have a chat and start getting to know you.

It’s all in edits

Once the shooters have done their job – documented your wedding and captured all the little and small moments that have made it so special – it’s over to the editors.

The editing process after your big day will vary slightly depending on the package you’ve chosen; for example, if you go for the Strawberry Cinematic Package, you’ll receive on-the-day edits.

These are normally done by editor Gary who’ll be at your wedding to put together a cinematic mini-documentary that tells the story of your wedding. This 3-5 minute film is edited on the day to show off some highlights from the celebrations so far, ready to be screened during your wedding (normally after dinner and before your first dance in 4k on a large projector screen!)

Strawberry Wedding Films’ other main editor is Mark, who’s also a colour grade artist. Mark has edited films that have went to cinema and that are currently on Netflix!

Both editors are super talented, explains James; “You NEED to have good editors! Our editors have lots of experience and we make sure they have all the shots they need to put together your wedding film.”

No matter what package you sign up for, you’ll be kept updated as edits are worked on before receiving the final version!

Booking Strawberry Wedding Films

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