Bridal underwear solutions for smaller + larger busts

Your first night as Mrs and Mrs may conjure up romantic images of beautiful lingerie sets but it could be wise to explore a smart approach to your wedding underwear.

Regardless of bust size and dress style, we’re here to help you get the right underwear for your gown.

Underwear solutions for smaller cup sizes

Consider bra-less

Most wedding gowns just aren’t compatible with fancy, ornate undies. “In the majority of cases, wedding dresses are structured so well that unless they’re large busted, we’ll advise our brides not to wear a bra,” agrees KJ of The Wedding Planner bridal shop in Helensburgh.

Look for a structured wedding dress

It may be worth spending a bit more on your dress. If you’ve bought a cheap bridal gown then you probably will need more supportive underwear.

Designer gowns tend to have internal corsets and boning to give increased support.

Bust cups

Bust cups sewn into the dress can save you from paying over the odds for underwear that you might never wear again,” suggests Helen from Anne Priscilla Bridal in Glasgow.


Underwear solutions for the fuller bust

Get fitted

Not wearing a bra simply isn’t an option for ladies with larger busts.  Plus, sewn-in cups also do not provide enough support.

“In this instance, the most important thing is to get a good fitting bra “ this is a great opportunity to get measured,” says Avril of plus-size bridal boutique Beau Belles in Linlithgow.

Over-the-shoulder cups

If you can’t find a strapless bra that’s supportive enough, try having over-the-shoulder straps sewn on.