Get some mother-of-the-bride outfit inspo from these five stylish mums!

Stuck for mother-of-the-bride outfit inspo? We chatted to five stylish real mums about what they wore to their daughters’ weddings!


Alice McWatt, 63, wore navy and ivory when her daughter Christina married Richard at Boclair House Hotel.

Mother-of-the-bride outfit inspo

(Photos by Eaglesham Photography)

“When my daughter got engaged I didn’t really have any specific idea of what my outfit should be, but I knew I didn’t want to wear a floor-length gown. I was eventually forced by my daughter to go shopping in Glasgow for my outfit in January, just three months before the wedding!

We started off in a boutique called Mia Bella and I said to the owner Christina that I was willing to try any outfit on, in any colour or style (although I did say I usually wore deep colours) – I must have tried on between 12 to 14 outfits!

I eventually got it down to three outfits in colours I would normally never wear: beige, grey, and navy with ivory. I felt really good in the navy and ivory outfit and when I came out of the changing room I could tell by the looks on the girls’ faces that it was a hit, but both insisted I go and look elsewhere to make sure it was the right one.

We did visit another shop but I kept thinking of the ivory outfit and decided that was the one I wanted, much to the delight of my daughter. My main accessory was my ivory and navy hat and then I chose lovely lace and diamante heels and a small matching clutch.

I think most people expect the mother of the bride and groom to look special but I didn’t feel under any pressure; I just wanted to make sure I didn’t let my daughter down. On the day of the wedding I felt so glam and sophisticated and I was complimented by many who said I looked absolutely stunning.”

Alice’s advice¦

“Go out shopping and make a lovely day of it “ don’t treat it like a chore! Listen to advice, but most of all look at people’s reactions when they see you leaving the changing area. Expressions on faces say it all; words are not necessary.”


Eileen Collings, 68, visited a wedding fair to get some fashion inspiration for her daughter Nicola’s wedding to Derek at Paisley Town Hall.

“My daughter got engaged a year past at Christmas, but it was a while before I started thinking about my outfit. I wanted an outfit in fuchsia pink or something like that, and didn’t want to go looking too soon as I thought my weight may alter before the wedding.

We went to the Scottish Wedding Show at the SEC and Frox of Falkirk was one of the companies on the catwalk that appealed to me, so when my husband and I were coming home from a function in Stirling I suggested that we call in.

I wanted a dress with half sleeves (to hide wrinkles etc!) and tried on a few outfits. Muriel from the shop took photos of my two favourites, which I then sent to my daughter. We both agreed on a beautiful cobalt blue and white Zeila outfit and a Snoxell Gwyther hat.

I bought ivory shoes and a bag, and was going for my last fitting when I decided I wanted to dye them both blue to match my jacket. Frox of Falkirk organised this for me 10 days before the wedding and had them sent direct to my home.

I felt very elegant on the day and was surprised by the number of compliments I received!”

Eileen’s advice¦

“I would advise any mother of the bride to go shopping with an open mind and enjoy the experience. After all, I went looking for pink and came home with blue!”


Colleen Crosbie, 56, looked fabulous in florals when daughter Megan married Steven at Balbirnie House Hotel.

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“I knew I would have to wait on Megan deciding on her colour scheme before I started looking for my outfit, but had initially thought of a simple classy dress and fascinator.

I looked online first but quickly became overwhelmed as I am not the best online decision maker. I eventually purchased my outfit at Patricia Forbes in Broughty Ferry.

It was difficult to get the colour I wanted to match the bridesmaids and after purchasing a simple grey dress, I changed my mind as I felt a little understated and uncomfortable in it. The ladies in the shop were able to source a dress and short jacket I had seen in a brochure from this season’s Condici Ispirato range. I was very relieved as it was only two months before the wedding. Nothing like cutting it fine!

My shoes, bag, pearl and silver earrings and necklace were all from Debenhams. The Wedding Florist (who did all the wedding flowers) matched me a perfect spring corsage for my jacket which also brought the look of the bridal party together.

I loved my outfit and my hat and felt elegant and very comfortable in it. I think because I was so happy in it, this showed too.”

Colleen’s advice¦

“Check the colours of bridesmaids chosen by the bride in the first instance “ this is a good starting point. If budget is an issue, remember that nowadays specialist bridal shops do a range of outfits in different price ranges. They have seasonal sales too!”


Pamela Coventry, 60, looked lovely in lilac for daughter Amy’s wedding to Craig at Carberry Tower Mansion Houe and Estate.

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“I thought I would like to wear a statement dress for Amy’s wedding. When my other daughter was married I wore a dress and jacket so I wanted it to be different, and I thought it would suit a summer wedding. The mother of the groom said to me right away that she would wait until I got my outfit before she got hers, which I thought was lovely of her.

I actually only went to Catherine’s of Partick, with my husband and my older daughter, who lives in Glasgow. The staff were patient as I tried on goldy colours as that was in my mind. I love the Irresistible dresses and when I tried on the one I bought I loved the colour and felt lovely in it.

When the hat went on I thought it was just perfect. It had to be adjusted, and when I picked it up I got silver Lunar shoes with diamantes and a matching bag.

On the day I loved wearing it. It felt very comfortable and I was able to enjoy Amy’s day without worrying about me which was wonderful. I do think there is a certain amount of pressure on mums, but having said that it is lovely to have an excuse to dress up and look your best. I got lots of compliments from my husband, three daughters and the guests at the wedding. One of Amy’s friends said I was very Carol Middleton “ great praise indeed!”

Pamela’s advice¦

“Do some research before you go looking but don’t be afraid to try things on as it is amazing how different things look when you try them.”


Audrey Preston, 56, went for a bespoke outfit when daughter Lucé married Joe at St. Columba Church, followed by a reception at Rowallan Castle.

(Photos by 1500 Photography)

“I didn’t want to conform to the traditional mother of the bride look “ I wanted something elegant and modern. One of my good friends had an outfit made a few years ago by Joyce Young, so I decided to go there. Lucé had already chosen her wedding dress by that point and it was so beautiful that I wanted my outfit to mirror hers and capture the elegance of it.

When I walked in to Joyce’s shop, the first thing that grabbed me was the opulence of the fabrics – I was like a little girl in a sweetie shop! I chose the dress I did was because it complemented my figure. It was fine crepe with a mock wrapover, and I had the straps widened.

An advantage of having the dress specially made was that I could choose which top, bottom and fabric I liked. Joyce added a satin collar that I’d admired on another of her pieces, and I also had an embellished jacket made. I added a diamante and pearl belt for the evening when I took my jacket off.

I felt very confident on the wedding day that I looked my absolute best. I’d lost weight and had a dress made that fitted me perfectly, looked stylish and was in keeping with my daughter’s dress. One of the hairdressers said I looked like royalty, Joe made me stand up during the speeches to compliment me on my outfit and two of my friends said it was the most beautiful MOB outfit they’d ever seen.”

Audrey’s advice¦

“It’s just about finding something you like and that you’re all happy with! I’ll definitely be going back to Joyce in the future “ it’s great to support a Scottish designer.”

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