Fun + games: our guide to the best wedding entertainment

We’re taking a look at the best wedding entertainment to keep all your guests happy, no matter what their age.

best wedding entertainment


Music can make or break your wedding day and is likely to be where a big chunk of your budget goes, so make sure you get it right.

Go with tried and tested or get with the new trend for high energy instrumental acts like Brass Gumbo from Freak Music. Their New Orleans street band vibe will definitely be a talking point for your guests!


Neilsart Wedding Charicatures


Break the ice by booking a caricaturist to mill round your guests and get the conversation flowing.

Neil of Neilsart Wedding Charicatures says it’s still most common to have your caricaturist working during the drinks reception but evening receptions are becoming more popular.

“It provides a personal touch and it’s a unique element to a wedding,” says Neil. “It’s a great ice breaker and it’s like the bride is offering this as hospitality to her guests.”



Move over scallops: there’s a new mollusc in town. Add a real sense of class to your big day by bringing in the oyster shuckers to delight, and maybe challenge, your loved ones.

The oystermen and women from The Oysterman Events mingle amongst guests, usually during the drinks reception, freshly shucking oysters for those willing to try.

“The guest can choose from a selection of seasonings or can eat the oyster raw,” says Ferran, ˜the oysterman.’ “We believe our oystermen add a wonderful and elegant atmosphere to the celebration. It’s not just about the oysters, it is also about the theatre and the show that our oystermen bring to the party!”

Many of your guests could be oyster virgins meaning your wedding will be a real talking point for years to come!



Increasingly, we see wedding celebrations lasting not just one day but a whole weekend, with couples laying on fun activities before and after the main event.

You could bring in a hog roast the day after or hit your venue’s spa for some proper relaxation with your girls “ but for a real team (bride) builder, Reel Time Events has devised a special Highland games package where guests can turn their hands to tossing the caber, throwing the hammer or even having a go on the bagpipes.

This would be a particularly fun idea to entertain guests travelling to be at your big day from overseas. Give them a real taste of Scotland!



It’s not just brides and grooms being asked to choose their fave wedding tunes now.

Cairn String Quartet now allow guests to influence the playlist with their new request cards.

Annmarie from the group says, “We have the cards for drinks receptions and wedding breakfasts that can go on tables with a QR code straight to our playlist. The guests can then look through the playlist and tweet requests to us and control the soundtrack on the day.”

We can just imagine the discussions over the next song choice between your Granny Betty and cool muso bandmate Bruno.



Have you ever been to a wedding reception and run a sweepy with those on your table, predicting how long the best man’s speech will be?

Take things one step further by providing wedding bingo cards on the tables during the speeches “ one way to guarantee a rapt audience and introduce a fun element of competition.

Check out these cute cards we found from Chubby Sparrow on Etsy, £7.20.



What did we ever do in the days before photobooths? We all love piling in with as many friends as we can to pose it up in our oversized specs and feather boas.

But now there’s a new kid in town with the social gif booth. One of the newest additions to the Blushbooth PhotoBooth Hire family creates a fun gif experience by taking three images and joining them in an animation to share on social.

Your gifs can be customised with your own artwork, text or logo so couples can work with the creatives to fashion the perfect look for their w-day gifs!

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