See inside The Firth Pavilion at Seamill Hydro, Ayrshire

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With its stunning beachside location on the Ayrshire coast, outstanding food and impeccable service, Seamill Hydro has long been renowned as a wedding venue of distinction.

So when SWD visited its brand new venue, The Firth Pavilion, it came as no surprise to see that the bar has been well and truly raised.

Every aspect of this state-of-the-art, purpose-built venue has been carefully considered to ensure you have the wedding day of your dreams from start to finish “ it stands in a league of its own.

So what does a venue look like when it’s been specifically tailor-made for weddings? We attended the launch to find out!

Bride and groom on beach Firth Pavilion - Jarvie and Jones Photography

Image: Jarvie and Jones Photography

Firth Pavilion Julie Lamont Photography

Image: Julie Lamont Photography


First, we need to talk about the location. Magnificently set on the coast of the Firth of Clyde with views to the majestic mountains of Arran, few venues boast a setting as picturesque as The Firth Pavilion. And the good news is that the venue itself is just as gorgeous as its scenic surroundings.

First impressions matter “ especially on your big day “ and as you approach the venue you’ll see the sandstone stair leading from the courtyard down to the revolving glass door and past the elegant winter gardens at either side of the entrance. Towering overhead is the Atrium, with a glittering chandelier that nods to the luxurious interior.

Prepare to be wowed when you enter via the spacious reception foyer, elegantly decorated and housing a feature staircase that climbs three stories to the viewing gallery high above the foyer.

firth pavilion seamill hydroFirth Pavilion Julie Lamont Photography

Image: Julie Lamont Photography


The night before your wedding, you and up to five of your closest friends and family are invited to stay in the opulent Glenashdale Suite, also known as the bridesmaids’ room, located on the first floor.

The lounge comes complete with a cinema surround sound system, large screen TV and media-streaming services, so there’ll be no shortage of entertainment. There are also two bathrooms, one of which has a double vanity sink, shower, whirlpool bath with TV and spectacular views across the Firth of Clyde from the large dormer window.

When you get up, your ˜bride’s brunch’ will be served on the grand dining table, next to the bar which incorporates a wine fridge and instant boiling water tap.

And with a huge floor-to-ceiling mirror, three-person hair and make-up dresser and a large walk-in wardrobe that has been specifically designed for you to hang up your wedding dress, you’ll have everything you need to look and feel your best on the most special day of your life.

jarvie jones firth pavilion

Image: Jarvie and Jones Photography


The ceremony room really is a show stopper. The tasteful art, wooden panelling, beautiful wall lights and high vaulted ceilings lend this room a sense of majesty normally only found in historical buildings.

The star attraction of the room is the wall of glass ahead of you that immediately catches your eye when you walk in. Four huge wall-to-wall windows, extending from floor to ceiling, offer unrivalled views to the Firth of Clyde and the islands of Ailsa Craig and Arran.

Two of the huge windows slide open silently and effortlessly to reveal a large balcony, and these can be opened during your ceremony.

The gentle lapping of the waves on the beach become the background music and the view becomes even more expansive; it’s ideal if you want to get married outside, but don’t trust the weather to stay on side!

firth pavilion seamill hydro jarvie and jones

Image: Jarvie and Jones Photography


Your evening celebrations will take place downstairs in the Firth Suite, which is the Pavilion’s main function suite. As you’d expect, the room is impeccably styled: wood panelling extends up to dado height and is complemented by elegant wallpaper above.

A really impressive touch is that you and your other half will access the suite via a secret staircase from the Glenashdale Suite, emerging into the Firth Suite through hidden, electronically operated doors and onto a raised platform.

This is how you’ll enter the room before the meal and for your first dance, and it’s also where you’ll be asked to perform your first formal duties as a married couple: the cutting of your wedding cake and the pouring of your champagne fountain. How cool is that?

firth pavilion julie lamont photography

Image: Julie Lamont Photography


Every conceivable detail has been carefully thought out. For example, the top table is set in a specially designed recess, designed not only to frame the top table but to ensure every guest has an unobstructed view of the newlyweds during the speeches.

Your guests will be able to hear you perfectly too. Discreet, intelligent ceiling-mounted microphones have been fitted above the top table, allowing all speakers to simply raise to their feet and speak normally without the hassle of having a handheld microphone or an ugly microphone stand.

Your wedding photographer will also love that the venue has a lighting set that was specifically designed with input from a leading lighting design consultancy and professional photographers to ensure the top table is well lit. That means that the people at the top table and the stunning view behind them can be captured without the need to use a flash.

firth pavilion seamill hydro

firth pavilion seamill hydro


A great deal of effort has also gone into ensuring the lighting, heating and audio is balanced throughout the suite so that your guests won’t have to deal with hot spots, loud areas where they can’t chat comfortably, or poorly lit areas.

They’ll also be able to easily access the bar, which adjoins in a separate area. Constructed from solid stone and timber and accented with antique mirror and brass, it has a timeless aesthetic. There are four service stations to reduce service time and prevent excessive queuing (which will be music to your guests’ ears!), fixed seating for anyone who wants to chill out in a breakaway area, and access to the sea-view terrace, which can also be accessed from the Firth Suite.

firth pavilion seamill hydro firth pavilion seamill hydro


Of course, we can’t talk about The Firth Pavilion without mentioning its incredible food. Executive Chef Scott Gilmour designed a large dedicated kitchen in conjunction with General Manager Iain Silver, and is hugely passionate about the dishes produced within it.

Quality ingredients are cooked with imagination and flair, and Scott will discuss your preferences with you to ensure your first meal as newlyweds is a memorable one.

firth pavilion seamill hydro


Love the sound of this venue? Email to arrange a viewing!

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