4 ways to use fairy lights in your wedding day decor

Fairy lights are beautiful and instantly add a sense of ambience to any room they literally light up. They are especially great for wedding decor “ here are a few ways you can use them on your big day.

Bunting and ribbons

You can create a false ceiling effect by draping crepe ribbons or bunting across your reception space and interweaving them with string lights; this is a great way to make a room feel a bit more intimate.

Even in a relatively small space, this would take a fair amount of ribbons, bunting and lights, so what seems like a simple, easy idea might end up racking up quite the cost. Still, the pay off is definitely worth it.

Star canopy

A star canopy (where string lights start from the centre of the room and spread out in different directions like a star) is a really dramatic centrepiece and can especially liven up a blank canvas wedding venue such as a marquee or rustic barn.

While it can be done as a DIY project, it would be very time consuming to set up, so we’d advise hiring a professional decor company to create this look for you.

Stunning backdrop

Using string lights on one wall is a really easy and effective way to incorporate them into your wedding. This can be done totally DIY, and it’s great for jazzing up the area behind the top table.

Take it outside

If you’re having a summer wedding and you have an outdoor area to play with, we definitely recommend setting up some string lights. It easily makes an outdoor area really pretty, and instantly creates a cool break out area where guests can relax and take a brief break from partying.

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