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The Barn at Harburn

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  1. Emma Wilson Wedding Date:
    We had our beautiful perfect day at The Barn at Harburn and I couldn’t have asked for anything more from this gorgeous venue. We met with Vanessa initially and she explained that the venue is completely yours to do as you wish. You are handed the keys the day before and hand them back the day after your wedding. This of course meant that we had no wedding co-ordinator and that we would have to clean and prep the day before the wedding, handle all logistics of the day and clear up after too. This suited us perfectly as we wanted our wedding to be completely our own - and it allowed us to retain a stunning venue for a fraction of the cost of most other barn venues we had viewed. It did involve us taking on some more responsibility (and stress) over the less glam side of planning an event but as I proved to myself, so long as you are as organised and prepared as you would expect your wedding co-ordinator to be you can make it happen ✨ Our day went perfectly. We married outside on the lawn like I had always dreamed and our photographers Phil Gorry and Cara Frew we’re spoilt for choice when it came to picking locations. I must add that Regis Banqueting provided our catering - amongst many other brilliant services that made our day run so smoothly. I really can’t thank Zach enough for everything he and his team done to make us feel so special and supported and secure from the moment they arrived to the moment they drove off...the kitchen was handed back to us spotless, all leftover drinks had been poured into a bucket, all waste and rubbish from the event was taken offsite by them and my leftover cake (cut and wrapped) was the only thing left on the shiny kitchen worktops. We had no problems at all on the day and I was reassured by Vanessa regularly in the lead up and planning that if any problems did arise I could contact her or Simon and they would do everything that they could to help me. Vanessa answered all of my (sometimes crazy) email requests promptly and excitedly - I really enjoyed our wee exchanges and she helped me more than she realised with the emotional stresses of wedding planning. It was so lovely to be able to include all of our friends and family in the whole process creating beautiful memories together - from my dad cleaning and polishing the windows to perfection and the mums setting up the tables; to having my younger brother in law as our master of ceremonies and my amazing sister in law as my “on the day” fairy godmother; to the kitchen after party in the cottage with our bridesmaids and groomsmen after everyone else had gone home; to making full Scottish breakfasts for 12 people with my new hubby the morning after the wedding... ...these are memories that we’ll cherish forever and we wouldn’t have these memories if we hadn’t chosen The Barn at Harburn ❤️
  2. Trudi Wedding Date:
    I absolutely love this venue, anyone choosing it won’t be let down with your pictures and the set up it’s so simple and stunning. I arrived here on the 4th May19. The only down fall for this venue is the staff running it, lack of communication and don’t explain everything in full to you. We had a vet unusual cold May, my husband met Simon the Friday night before our wedding to go through everything in the barn as it’s self catering, Simon had no clue we were even staying on the Friday so a bed wasn’t made up which was no issue to us as it’s seemed to be one minor mistake at the start. He showed us how to work the lights in the barn and the main switch board for electricity and handed over the keys and pretty much left us to it, not even in the place an hour we had to call and ask how to we put heating on, the place was frozen. We got everything set up in the marquee and in the morning we put the chairs out in the main barn, the floors were absolutely disgusting there was fake leaves and decor left from the previous wedding, grapes lying under the chairs, spilled drink over the floors not been cleaned and on the chairs also, so the morning of my wedding my mum and father in law were hoovering and mopping trying to get it done quickly for my guests arriving. The evening of my wedding let’s start...the band cut out twice myself and my groom were roaming about trying to get electricity back on, didn’t happen so no music until we got an extension from another source, on the phone Simon said that’s strange it doesn’t t happen, when speaking to Vanessa after it’s a common problem for rural areas. We ran out of toilet rolls, 160 guests and no one knew where they were, I thought knowing my numbers they would be in the toilets well stacked up but no, the caterers who I hired should have done that which wasn’t told to anyone. On the lead up to the wedding I was advised the marquee holds so many people so when I asked about seating after I booked the place I was told they don’t hold enough and I would have to pay, as per my contract that was all provided so Vanessa was very helpful in hiring these, I told her my numbers but the bare minimum was hired leaving a few of my guests standing without seats, yes people cater less than what they have but I had 160 evening guests leaving a lot of people standing and had to bring out chairs from the main house. Once we divided our top table we managed to get everyone seated. Come night time my marquee was packed but due to the cold was like a large freezer some of my guests left as it was so cold, once speaking to the team the next day I was advised there was heaters Simon just forgot to show us where and how they we work them which has infuriated me as I’ve had a sorry and no response back from the team once I questioned if there actually was heaters in place, people sat chittering the whole night and some had to leave it was that bad. When we got told the place was self catering we were well prepared but didn’t expect to have to take all our stuff to the skip, there are no on site bins so all our waste from food in the main house where me and my bridal party stayed there was no where to empty buckets, be prepared to hire a van to take stuff to the skip if you have a lot of mess this isn’t in your contract about the nearest skip it’s just your responsible for leaving the barn the way it was found, ofcousre but the last thing any bridal party wants to be doing during their stay is taking bin liners filled with rubbish to the nearest skip, not one bin on site to empty rubbish into. The house holds 9 people so there was a lot of food and drink waste that we couldn’t find a bin to empty so we had to try and place it about the house to try keep tidy for my pictures. Lastly when we’re getting changed on the Saturday morning my father in law used his bathroom up the stairs in his room, he came through with a small bag of white powder which was left where the soaps were on the sink, we could only assume it was a substance and flushed it immediately as I had kids in the house too. When we were cleaning up we had beers lying, 4 crates of bud to be specific when we went back to lift them the cleaners hid them away and told my husband they hadn’t seen beers, us knowing we had them left there to take away and tried to keep them. Just an absolute disgrace and theft of you ask me. Not being sure exactly what it was and can’t say what we think it was it should never have been left there for us to find, I spoke to the owner and Simon on the Sunday who’s reply was no no one would bring that here...missing the point it’s been left here for us to find so wether they did or not is not to my care it’s the fact you guys haven’t cleaned properly to dispose of it, if kids had got a hold of that and it was dangerous it could have been worse. When I emailed my list of issues to Vanessa her response was some what defensive and only thing left to apologise for was the marquee being cold, I paid an extra amount and large amount it was for us to all sit in what I can only describe as a freezer. No offer of compensation or anything. The rest of my complaint was replied to in not a nice manner and defensive such as if it was a mess you should have called us, again missing the point it should never have been left a mess the last thing brides want to do whilst getting ready is phone for cleaners, my mum dealt with it without me knowing so I didn’t have to worry about it and we would take it up later with the barn. So brides anyone booking here be a bit more on the ball than I was and make sure u ask these questions. All in still the most stunning venue just the team that lets it down which is a shame. Don’t expect much help from them, they really should consider having someone on site to deal with these small issues till the wedding is set up! Can I add I had no prior warning about any ongoing issues such as electricity cutting out etc and since I have responded to her email I have not had a response from any of them. Poor poor service