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Myres Castle

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  1. Lucy and Dave
    Wow – where do we even begin. Myres Castle is a little slice of heaven nestled away in the beautiful Fife countryside just under an hour from Edinburgh. The gardens are truly spectacular. We were lucky enough to have our ceremony outside under the beautiful beech tree, with the birds singing in the background. All of our friends and guests commented that it was one of the most beautiful venues they had ever been to (if not the most beautiful!). We then had our fizz and canapés in the amazing walled gardens and later a meal and party in the wonderful, rustic barnquee. There is plenty of space for dancing. We did very little decoration ourselves as the venue is just so stunning. As if this wasn’t enough, Myres is an exclusive use venue for the whole weekend – meaning you can have 24 guests sleeping on site on both Friday and Saturday evening. Henry and Amanda (owners and the most fabulous hosts) put on a really special weekend for us and made us feel so welcome. This included fizz outside on the lawn on the Friday evening, together with a beautiful dinner for our castle guests, a lovely breakfast on the Saturday morning, sandwich lunch before the ceremony and last but not least a huge brunch on the Sunday – just what we needed. The whole weekend had the most relaxed atmosphere, it genuinely was the best weekend of our lives. If you are in doubt about whether to book this place, go ahead and do it!! We wish we could do last weekend all over again, and are hoping we get a chance to come back to another wedding at Myres, this time as guests!
  2. Robert McMurray
    An incredible weekend, and at the most beautiful of venues. Thanks to Henry, Amanda and the entire team at Myres, we will remember our special day for the rest of our lives. The weekend went perfectly from start to finish - with beautiful weather also thrown in! We were well looked after but also left alone to enjoy the entire Castle and the grounds. The banquet meal on the Friday was incredible and the evening spent in the drawing room with close friends and families, was almost as much fun as the wedding itself. We could not have asked for a better wedding day - everything went beyond our expectations. It was just perfect. All we have heard since from friends and family is "best wedding ever" - and we would wholeheartedly agree with that. Thank you again, Myres - you made our special day, special!
  3. James Smith Wedding Date:
    What Henry and Amanda Barge have done with Myres Castle is actually pretty risky. To have a castle as a wedding venue adds quite a bit of expectation both from the couple and from their guests as to what kind of day it will be. A castle and venue of this size runs a fine line because often large venues that are not doubling as hotels can feel a little bit duck taped at the corners and there is a lot of upkeep to stop a place feeling ever so slightly Faulty Towers esq. On the contrary, Myres Castle is a complete showcase of what vision, investment, creativity and a brilliant team of staff can do. By the time you load the castle with friends and family who are going to be staying it quickly feels homely in a way that a hotel styled venue never could. The Friday night dinner is a grand but at the same time very relaxed start to the weekend. The rooms and ensuites offer five star comfort. Getting married is a big deal and this place lends itself to that superbly. Somehow we got extremely lucky in what had been one of the wettest starts to a year on record but even if it does pour down, Myres is very well set up to deal with that. Henry was completely relaxed about waiting until the morning of the day itself before we decided inside or out. The day goes by far too fast for the bride and groom at any wedding but what's good about this venue is that the guests move around from the ceremony to the top gardens to the barnquee to the Apple Store lawn and back to the barnquee which adds a huge amount of liveliness to the day. It makes for a flowing event for the guests and seeing them love the place only makes it better for you. The gardens are immaculate with tonnes of photo opportunities. The Barnquee is a cracking purpose built space with a bar in the same room as the dancing which I reckon is crucial to getting that 'everyone together' feeling. When we initially started looking for a venue there was a part of me that wanted somewhere that not many people would ever get married. The issue with that is it's a lot more work and ultimately risk. The Barnquee gives you the chance to kit it out however you want for the individual factor whilst at the same time the Barges and their team have got everything 100% covered in the background throughout the day to ensure it's all going to plan. They have great relationships with their suppliers and whilst wedding planning can seem stressful for the couple (especially if you have a Groomzilla like me) these guys have all been working with the Myres team for a while now. Because everyone knows the drill it enhances your weekend. A venue like this, maintained and run like it is makes me proud to be from the area. I couldn't recommend it any higher.
  4. Shannon Higgins Wedding Date:
    Attended the Smith wedding in March & it was the dreamiest weekend ever! This venue is like something from a fairytale, the castle and grounds are exquisite and the employees were so friendly & helpful with everything. Thank you Myres for an unbelievable weekend!
  5. Henrietta Linnemann Wedding Date:
    We had the best day of our lives!! Everything was perfect and Henry and Amanda were wonderful hosts!! We were very lucky indeed to have been married at Myres castle!
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