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First of all, because I’m often asked, this IS my real name, and going through life with this surname has made me particularly aware that love is exactly what we need most in this world.

It is a truly meaningful, satisfying and fulfilling experience, for all concerned, when the lives of two people are joined in a unique Humanist ceremony.

I absolutely love it!

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David & Jennifer Howlett June 12, 2019 Wedding DateNovember 17, 2018

Simply put, Lenny is fantastic.

A consumate professional, personable and empowering, he gave us the confidence we needed to create something that felt special – something that was ours alone. We’ll never forget the magic of the words shared that day and we have Lenny Love to thank for it.

Cannot recommend highly enough.

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Claire Smith June 11, 2019 Wedding DateNovember 10, 2018

Lenny carried out both my wedding ceremony and my Grans funeral. Lenny was a pleasure to work with, he allowed us on both occasions to have services which were personal and meaningful to us. We chose Lenny because he had a sense of humour as well as empathy. On our wedding day he was chatty, interacted with guests and brought humour to the service. Lenny at all times conducted himself professionally and i would highly recommend him.

Thanks again Lenny
Claire and Keir

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Neilson January 1, 2019 Wedding DateFebruary 3, 2018

We got married at Summerhall in Feb 2018. Lenny was great. We met prior to choosing him and immediately decided he was the celebrant we wanted.

He was great at communicating with us and gave us our homework. The step by step guide allowed us to make our ceremony unique and personal to us.

Even today our guests remark what a great ceremony and wedding it was.

Here’s a link to a mini video of our wedding to hear his style (the 1st minute). We’re sure you will agree he is a great choice.

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Carey Lunan November 9, 2018 Wedding DateSeptember 16, 2017

We chose a Humanist wedding because we felt it best represented how we feel about the world and how we want to live in it. Guided by our celebrant Lenny, the process of writing our own ceremony allowed us the freedom and the creativity to choose the stories and the vows that we shared with each and the people that we love. The “homework” we were given to help us prepare encouraged us to reflect on why we fell in love, our journey together, the good and the bad times and why we ultimately chose to get married. It was a very powerful process and made us stop, think about, and prioritise the really important stuff in the whirlwind of planning a wedding. It made the day so much more meaningful for us. Our ceremony was held on a bright and windy September day on the beautiful beach at Belhaven Bay, with John, Lenny and I in the centre of a large circle of family and friends. It was magical.

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Karen and Rick Kennedy November 9, 2018 Wedding DateAugust 26, 2018

My husband and I had the most amazing wedding day at Crossbasket Castle – our celebrant was Mr Lenny Love . I have to say when I heard the name I just knew this man was the one who would conduct our very special day. He was so engaging with our guests and shared our very special story with incredible humour and sincere sincerity . From start to finish he guided us through the whole process with so much ease and knowledge .
All our guests commented on his expertise, humour and incredible ability to share our very own personal journey . We would highly recommend this wonderful man to all future brides and grooms and he is without any doubt top of his game ! We would like to take this opportunity to wish Lenny every success with his career as a ‘first class’ Celebrant . So glad you were part of our very special Wedding Day …..

All our love and very best wishes Rick and Karen Kennedy . xx

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Eilise Mackay November 6, 2018 Wedding DateAugust 4, 2018

Lenny was absolutely amazing from start to finish. His advice was excellent and his homework really helped us think about what marriage actually means to us! The ceremony was so romantic but also very funny at times which helped massively with the nerves. All our guests were talking about how brilliant Lenny was and that it was one of the best ceremonies they had ever attended!! I know for sure our ceremony wouldn’t have been the same without him! We will always be grateful to Lenny. X

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Paris & Mickto November 6, 2018 Wedding DateAugust 18, 2018

Lenny married us back in Aug 18′. From the word go when we first meet Lenny he made us feel at ease. We completed our “Homework” he gave us that brought us a lot of laughs and jokes and reminded us of some good times. On the day he made everything straightforward and kept us right at all times. His delivery on the day was excellent. He brought a lot of humour and fun to the ceremony.

Overall it was a fantastic day and Lenny was a big part of it!

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Vanessa Johnston November 6, 2018 Wedding DateJuly 27, 2018

Lenny was kind and professional and made the ceremony run as smoothly as possible, taking a lot of pressure off of me (the Bride). He is compassionate and calm and I absolutely recommend him 100%.

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Maire & Jeff November 2, 2018 Wedding DateMay 26, 2018

Lenny married us in May of this year. Right from the first contact, he put us at our ease and guided us through the entire process. For the ceremony, his emphasis was on personalising it for us, making it exactly what we wanted, even though we weren’t sure exactly what we wanted at the outset.
He did warn us about doing ‘our ceremony homework’ but we needn’t have worried for it was totally worth the effort. Our end result just needed a wee bit of polish before it was perfect.
On the day, the ceremony was really the story of our life together thus far and meant so much more to us than a standard ceremony would have done. Lenny conducted the ceremony with just the right amount of decorum and humour. Our families and guests loved him.
We would absolutely recommend Lenny to other couples looking to craft a unique ceremony that is about them on their special day.

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Hannah November 1, 2018 Wedding DateJune 9, 2018

Lenny was a pleasure to work with from the word go. Although he gave us lots of “homework” to do, his prompts and guidance made it easy to work through and we enjoyed meeting up with Lenny to talk through our day on a couple of occasions.
On the day Lenny done a fantastic job of conducting our ceremony and even stayed to celebrate some of the evening with us.
Don’t hesitate on booking Lenny, how could anyone turn down getting married by MR LOVE himself!?
Lots of love Mr & Mrs Warman

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Juliette and Chris November 1, 2018 Wedding DateSeptember 1, 2018

Lenny Love conducted our wedding ceremony outdoors on Calton Hill. We really appreciated the humorous and gentle way that he conducted the ceremony, and for being a very important witness to a very special day. Many of our guests commented on how excellent they thought he was.

He also gave us wonderful guidance and support in the lead up to the wedding, prompting us to do our homework and encouraging us to remember all the great moments we had already shared together, and to dream of the exciting times ahead.

It really was a perfect day for us, surrounded by all the people we love most in the world.

Thank you Lenny.

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Alex & Karen Ross November 1, 2018 Wedding DateSeptember 29, 2018

I could just say 10 out of 10 or give the usual 100% review but if like us you had concerns about what a Humanist Wedding involves (and choosing a Celebrant) then we couldn’t recommend Lenny Love highly enough. From the initial contact through to the celebration itself he was a pillar of information, guidance and support. Nothing was to much bother for Lenny and his methodical but relaxed and humorous manner set the day for all concerned. We had the most fantastic experience and have received nothing but positive feedback from our guests ~ I actually mentioned Lenny during my speech and he got a better cheer than my best man! …….. WHAT MORE CAN I SAY.

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Mark Robinson October 30, 2018

My wife and I got married in July 2018. I knew finding the right celebrant for us would be tricky. I wanted someone who exudes enthusiasm and who I could imagine really engaging a crowd. Having met with a couple of humanists beforehand, I knew we had found that someone the day we met Lenny. He is a charming individual with incredible life experiences that shine through in his eloquent and engaging communication style. He really supports the couple-to-be placing their own stamp on their ceremony, which means that it is a very personal occasion. So much so that pretty much all of our guests mentioned how beautiful the service was, and how wonderful Lenny was in delivering it. He is a wonderful man and a wonderful humanist and I would highly recommend him. Our only disappointment was that he was unable to stay for the meal and the party – he would’ve been great company!

Mark and Lauren Robinson

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Carolyn October 29, 2018 Wedding DateJuly 7, 2018

Lenny was our celebrant at our wedding in the Summer and it was perfect, he’s a pro!
Before the big day we got our “homework” and were really involved in writing our wedding with Lenny’s guidance and expertise. In the end it was more than what we could have hoped for, funny, thoughtful, personal and very “us”! Friends and family are still talking about how unique it was and how they’ll never forget it! Best wedding ever even if I do say so myself!

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