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At Kudos Bridal Boutiques we believe that choosing your wedding gown is one of the most exciting decisions you will ever make, and we do everything we can to make the experience a pleasure you will always remember.

At Kudos Dunfermline we have an extensive range of bridal gowns and accessories, alongside our bridesmaid suite, and our ex-sample sale room. Featuring designs from across the world, there’s something to suit every type of bride, at any style of wedding. Whether you’re looking for an elegant and understated dress, or a full lace showstopper, Kudos Dunfermline have the wedding dress for you.

Our designers include Essense of Australia, Enzoani, Modeca, True Bride, The Dessy Group, Amanda Wyatt, and Euforia from Oronovias.

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Adele September 8, 2018 Wedding DateSeptember 1, 2018

Everything about my wedding dress shopping was made magical at Kudos, Dunfermline. Their range of dresses and designers is fab and they have something to suit everyone. Jacqui and Megan always answered the door with smiles on their faces and were genuinely as excited as my bridesmaids and I at each visit! I appreciated that they were so kind, caring and patient with me and I loved every minute of my time spent in Kudos. All of my alterations as well were completed to the highest standard and I loved that they listened to what I wanted. Top place full of top ladies!

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Zane Prikeule October 31, 2017 Wedding DateAugust 23, 2019

I booked an appointment for my sister in law to be who is living and planning her wedding in Kent. My family often comes to visit me in Scotland hence we decided to start our dress shopping here. On our arrival shop owner, Jackie told us that we can’t try any dresses on because she is too busy and she can’t waste 2 hours on us because we probably won’t buy the dress.
After trying to convince Jackie that we are serious about buying a dress, she allowed us to try some on and spent a further hour with us. We felt super awkward because this was our very first dress shopping experience and we didn’t feel welcomed.
After this disappointing experience, I decided to write a review on Kudos Bridal Facebook page. Jackie did respond to it making it sound like a regular appointment routine starting from asking for bride’s address and wedding address to “understand the theme and colors” for further advice. This was definitely not the case and I pointed that out on another comment. Jackie’s words were- I don’t mind if you just have a look at my dresses but I hope you understand that I don’t want to waste 2 hours if you probably will buy the dress in Kent.
My surprise was after Jackie disabled anyone to see my comment on her Facebook page! I hope this feedback doesn’t get deleted or disabled because brides need to know what’s on cards if they sign up for first dress shopping with Kudos Bridal Dunfermline.
I am just so ashamed in front of my sister in law that her first dress shopping turned out so awful! Please think twice before booking an appointment with this bridal boutique.

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Jackie Kelso - Kudos November 3, 2017

Hi Zane,

I am saddened to hear that you and Georgia had anything less than a perfect bridal experience with us!

It is always our policy to take the bride’s own details at the first appointment so that we are able to get in touch with any news or upcoming events that they may be interested in afterwards. Likewise, asking for the Wedding Date and Venue also gives us an idea of the timeline we would be working towards and what styles of dresses may fit the venue best.

As Georgia both lives in Kent and is planning for her wedding to be held there; my concern as to distance being an issue was genuine. This is not to say that we would not have made every effort to make things work with Georgia had she found a dress with us; as we currently have brides from Ireland, Spain and Canada to name a few – location truly isn’t an issue! Asking if distance would play a part in the decision-making process only helps us to be fully prepared to answer any questions you may have about that going forward.

From both my notes and our appointment diary I can confirm that I spent just shy of two hours with Georgia and yourself. This is the typical amount of time both of our boutiques allocate for a first-time bridal appointment. I am sorry to hear that you both felt awkward during this time as I did not get that impression. And even though Georgia did not find a dress that she loved here with us, I did highlight all of the events we have coming up over the festive period that she may have been interested in before you both left the boutique.

With regards to your Facebook review, our page is a business one and as such we do not have the ability to hide any of our reviews – regardless of how positive or negative they may be! Your review there is still very much visible as the only people who have the ability to hide or remove reviews are the reviewers themselves.

Once again, I am deeply sorry that your appointment with us at Kudos did not live up to your expectations. I can only sincerely apologise and wish you all the best for the rest of your wedding planning. I truly hope Georgia finds a dress that she loves and wish you both well for the Big Day!

Kindest Regards

Jackie Kelso

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Gillian June 18, 2017 Wedding DateJuly 7, 2018

I first went to Kudos Bridal in Dunfermline at the start of June to look at their range of wedding dresses. Lisa was very helpful right from the start and took the time to discuss with me what I was looking for, making me feel very welcomed and valued. She helped me to find the perfect wedding dress and made the moment very special. All the ladies were very professional and provided great service. Couldn’t recommend Kudos Bridal enough!

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Alena December 23, 2016 Wedding DateFebruary 23, 2017

I came to the shop on 18th of December (14:00) to buy a dress off the rail, as my wedding is just two months away. The shop assistant (I can’t remember the name) was VERY helpful, she took into account all my wishes and offered me the dresses I might like. I ended up buying the first dress she offered me, but I tried the other ones as well. The original price tag was around a thousand pound, but I bought the dress for just 400! The shop also gave me a wee gift bag with a very nice scented candle (The Isle of Skye brand) and a blue bridal garter, which is also great.
As much as I don’t like shopping, I came out of the shop in high spirits. I had a good time and enjoyed my bridal shopping experience with Kudos.
I would definitely recommend Kudos Bridal in Dunfermline.

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