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Cut the Cake

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8 Reviews…

  1. Mariesha Boyle
    Amazing band , Would highly recommend them ,everyone was complimenting the full band . Would defiantly book them for future events x
  2. Cut the Cake Wedding Date:
    Hi! Thanks so much for your review. I’m really sorry you feel let down by the service you received from our band. As mentioned it is within the Terms and Conditions that if any member of the band has to take time off for any reason, the band can replace members that meet their professional standard, so this is highlighted to clients before the contract is returned to us and we are always willing to help to settle any concerns regarding this point at any time. This is common practice among many (if not all) wedding bands so that if any person has to take time off for any reason then you know you won’t have to find a replacement band because the band have stand-ins ready. The intention is to give you peace of mind knowing you won’t have to worry if anyone can’t be there on the night. Since the band are made up of self employed musicians/performers sometimes other commitments or even general life commitments such as family events/illness/holidays etc come up that do mean members have to be replaced on the night. Same as any common workplace. At the time of booking, no other commitments were in place or forseeable, so at that point in time there was nothing different with regards to the line up. I’m glad you thought the replacement singer was good and I’m sure you mentioned that to the band on the night. We feel that since our stand in singers/stand in musicians (all of whom have rehearsed and gigged with us for over 5 years now) always meet a high standard, it would potentially cause unnecessary worry if we gave people a heads up in advance as then people might worry they wouldn’t get the same quality, when this isn’t the case. There’s so many stresses related to a wedding, we wouldn’t want to give you any more in the run up. It’s still the same repertoire and the same professional standard. Every stand in member is well rehearsed and prepared for any given night purely so the standard isn’t compromised. I really am sorry you feel let down by our service and I will discuss with the band whether we should maybe change the way we deal with the situation of any occasion where the front person is off for any reason. I will also get someone to contact you from the band to chat a bit more. Thanks for taking the time to give us some feedback regarding this. Cut the Cake
  3. Gray Wedding Date:
    Extremely disappointed that on the day of our wedding the lead singer did not play. What the band failed to tell us when we booked was the singer was booked on our date to play in pantomimes. The stand in singer was good, but not what we booked or expected and it is in the T&C's that they can swap out band members - so please be aware!!!
  4. Yvonne Somerville
    We actually booked our wedding around the date that Cut the Cake could do. They had played at a friends wedding (6 years ago) and I knew I wouldn't get married without having them as my band! My husband knows Kim through his work in the theatre and he agreed that there was simply no other band we would book for our special day. We were right, they were simply amazing and had the dance floor packed from the minute they started. A perfect mix of old tunes, modern songs and a bit of ceilidh in there too. It was great for all ages and something for everyone. We had so many comments about how great they were and the best wedding band our guests had ever heard. If you are looking for a band who will help your guests party all night long then this is the one for you. Kim's vocals are phenomenal and we are so pleased to have had them as our band. ***** from us! X
  5. Katy Lloyd
    Mother of the bride - this band are amazing... would not hesitate to recommend them. They compliment each other superbly. Many comments from family and friends...loved them too.
  6. Stephen Cullen
    Couldn't recommend this band highly enough!! The dance floor was full all night long, amazingly talented group of musicians, guest were raving about them, professional from booking 18 months prior to our big day, right up until the last chord, wish them all the success in the world.
  7. Claire Turnbull
    Amazing band with wide array of talents. All professional musicians and this shows! Spine tingling vocals from Kim Shepherd, you can guarantee a perfect first dance! An all round excellent band - would recommend highly.
  8. Sharon Crabb
    Absolutely amazing band. The dance floor was filled all night and were truly professional. My only recommendation....book them fast!!!!