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  1. Kara & Gary Thomson
    Cherry Tree (Steve & Yvonne) filmed our wedding at Dundas Castle in April 2019 and made us feel so comfortable in all our planning for our big day and even more so on our wedding day itself. And then you get the output of what they do!!! Make sure you’re ready for it because it is an experience that will blow you away and you will never ever forget. We were a little bit nervous about having two videographers and two photographers but Steve & Yvonne make you feel so comfortable and take time to get to know you before your big day, and offer a comforting and experienced presence on your wedding day (their professionalism extends beyond just being discreet in their filming as they even take the time to help you with getting all kinds of wedding attire on correctly!). The editing that they do is like a Hollywood Film, it tells the story of your day in a way that is exactly how you would like it to be – in our case, we asked Steve & Yvonne for beautiful, romantic and emotional and that’s exactly what they gave us! Steve & Yvonne weave the footage from your day around your favourite songs (that you get to choose in advance of your wedding!) which means that you get to watch yourselves getting married and relive all the best moments from the best day of your life to songs that you’ve personally chosen. And that’s not all ….. and this is just how clever and talented Steve & Yvonne are! They also gave us the most amazing surprise in our Wedding Trailer as they picked one of our favourite songs of all time that we hadn’t originally chosen! Steve & Yvonne picked the song based on the theme of our day and thought it was the right song for us and … let us just say that there was no better song to fit our Trailer and we still can’t believe we didn’t think of suggesting this song for our Film before our wedding. So even if you’re nervous about picking songs for your video, these guys are so attentive and intuitive they can do it for you! Steve & Yvonne also provide you with full coverage of the entire ceremony and all speeches and these complement the Trailer and Wedding Film just perfectly – and allow you to relive both of these parts of your wedding in full and in real time, experiencing again the atmosphere of every single bit of these life defining moments from start to finish. We got our trailer 2 and a half weeks after our wedding – and the day we landed back in the UK after our honeymoon (what an amazing surprise!!) – and the full Wedding Film 2 and a half weeks later (also on my birthday – that’s just how thoughtful Steve & Yvonne are!). Check out the Trailers on their website – if you think they’re amazing and can’t be topped, then wait until you see their actual Wedding Film which is somehow, almost unbelievably as you’ll have fallen in love (and actually still be in love!) with your Trailer at this point, even better and even more magical. We genuinely don’t know how these guys do it but if you’re looking for a wedding film that will not only bring back all the special moments of your day but also ensure that you can relive them and feel like you are actually back experiencing all the wonderful moments, then these guys are worth every single penny. We don’t believe that – even with an unlimited budget – you could get a better end product than what they provide. We cannot recommend Steve & Yvonne highly enough and can’t wait to see more of their breathtaking trailers on their website in years to come! If you want to spend money on a film that you will watch over and over and over and will ensure you get to see so much of your wedding: all the bits of your wedding that you both remember; but just as importantly all the bits that you just didn’t get the chance to see on the day as everything goes by in the blink of an eye, go with Steve & Yvonne – you won’t regret it. These guys don’t just do videos of your wedding, they do films of your wedding. Films that tell the story of you as a couple and of your special day. Thank you Steve and Yvonne for everything you’ve done for us and ensuring that the memory of our day will never ever fade x
  2. Danielle davidson Wedding Date:
    Cherry tree, or Steve and Yvonne were by far the best decision we made regarding our wedding! Having taken advice from friends (most of whom used cherry tree) we decided to go ahead with a video of the day and Steve and Yvonne did not let us down. They managed to capture every aspect of our big day and even managed to get a glimpse of pretty much everyone who attended whilst being so discreet and allowing everyone to enjoy themselves. Best decision, don't hesitate, worth every penny! Thank you again guys, we will watch our video with pride and so much love forever more
  3. Murray Watt Wedding Date:
    We got married in December 2016. Before the wedding I thought a video would be a complete waste of money but the results Steve and Yvonne produced were amazing. Upon reflection I know it was the best investment we made! The video captured the essence of the day that we can keep forever and the editing and production superb!
  4. Serena Kayes Wedding Date:
    I couldn't recommend Steve & Yvonne enough to anyone considering having their wedding filmed. Cherrytree made us all feel so comfortable without feeling as though you have a camera in your face all day, they have created the most amazing film of our wedding day and we have memories to treasure that we can watch over and over again! heart emoticon<3 xxx
  5. Stephanie McCourt
    Cherry Tree were amazing for the coverage of our wedding at Drumtochty Castle in 2016 and Yvonne and Steve a lot of fun to work with and very easy to be around- we recommend them highly. We had initially decided (with some reservations) not to have a video because it really added to the wedding budget and we weren't sure whether we could justify it. But the website kept pulling us back like a magnet, we decided to treat ourselves, 'one day' and all that and we loved how their products looked. Now, with all the benefit of hindsight and months on, despite the financial hit, we'd genuinely have no reservations at all to do the same again and we absolutely treasure our incredibly edited 15 minute film and always will....I hate to think we almost thought twice. We got married in the height of wedding season and so it took a while to receive the end product, but the trailer kept us going and we had been told early on to expect some delay; however their customer service was very good with managing and communicating everything as we waited. Now, we realise our Cherry Tree film is one of the best things we have to remind us of our special day and we go back to it all the time. They are totally unique in their talent for this stuff, extremely professional but down to earth at the same time and the film is so very cleverly put together with tiny details we didn't notice until after watching it a few times. The music, the film all flowed, it synchronised with us and our theme and with such attention to detail, it's totally clear why they are award winners and leaders in their field. We think their work is utterly brilliant, but anyone can see that because the films speak for themselves. Thanks guys for making sure the memory of one of the best days of our lives never fades. Simply outstanding.
  6. Mario arcari
    I cannot recommend Steve and Yvonne highly enough . We booked them for our wedding in Rome and they were fantastic . Two of the loveliest people you will ever meet and incredibly hard working and talented. Every person who has seen the trailer has commented on how great the video is. Thank you so much for all your hard work and giving us such an amazing video that we will cherish forever.
  7. Ben Durrant Wedding Date:
    We'd never really considered a wedding film until after we got engaged, but we are so glad we did. Steve & Yvonne produce the perfect memory of your day, capturing an unbelievable amount, and then knitting it together into a fantastically coherent story. They're not cheap, but from what we've seen, they are unparalleled in what they do. Beforehand, they really take the time to get to know you and what you want. On the day, you hardly notice them: we were apprehensive, with two photographers and two videographers that we would feel crowded, but our fears were groundless. Since you know them reasonably well by the day, they're a comforting presence - they've been to far more weddings than we have! The product is just fantastic: we had a trailer a couple weeks after the wedding, and then, a few months later, the full film and a highlights film. All were brilliant, and - while our photographers were great - brought the day back to life far more than any single photo can. If want to spend the money on a video, go with Steve & Yvonne - you won't regret it.
  8. Joanna Webster Wedding Date:
    Steve and Yvonne are true professionals. They have a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the grammar of visuals. They were fast, nimble and creative, enabling them to capture every key moment of our day. The range, volume and clarity of their camera work was exceptional, while their editing (both of our three minute teaser reel and our full DVD) took my breath away. Initially, I wasn't sure I wanted our wedding filmed at all. I work in TV production and was afraid it would be disruptive. However, just one look at their portfolio convinced me. I barely noticed their presence at the wedding, yet they captured so many touching moments (some we didn't even take in at the time). Cherry Tree managed to re-create the 'story' of our wedding day perfectly. That's something we will treasure for the rest of our lives. We can't thank them enough.
  9. Mariana
    A huge thanks for capturing our wedding day so beautifully. From start to finish the process is about your comfort and capturing the best parts of your day. When they say you'll barely know they're there, they mean it! Especially if it's a venue they're familiar with, you'll get some beautiful angles. Editing is just about flawless. They do so much to bring out the emotion and joy of your wedding day. This is where Cherry Tree truly stands out. If you've been thinking a wedding videographer isn't for you based on outdated ideas of clunky camcorders and shaky footage, fear not. Have a look at Cherry Tree's site. Even our 3-minute "trailer" that we got a few weeks after the wedding was extraordinary. If even a shorter film is within your budget, you'll be so pleased you went with them. Our friends and family have given us glowing feedback on our film and my husband and I love it as well.
  10. Katy Winskell-Rowe
    I don't think there is anyone else out there quite like Cherry Tree Films. Steve and Yvonne were incredibly helpful in the run up to the day and captured so many wonderful moments, all unbeknown to us. Very professional and lovely to have around on the day itself. They really worked so hard from first thing in the morning, to the bitter end, constantly capturing the very best footage. The final product is very slick and, no matter how many times we watch it it still gives us goosebumps. Worth every penny for a forever keepsake of such unbeatable quality. A very talented team who we would definitely recommend.
  11. Paul & Victoria Wedding Date:
    Words cannot really express the work that Yvonne & Steve do! They captured our day at Dundas Castle beautifully. They were effortless on the day, (hardly knew they were there) Then the excitement of waiting for our trailer, which was watched hundreds of times and sent as far as Australia. Steve got this out to us so quickly with the music we had chosen and it was better than expected, then when we received our full film, reliving all the little moments and seeing each other getting ready was just perfect. If you truly want something that will put you in that special moment on that special day, over and over, you HAVE TO choose Cherry Tree films to capture it for you.
  12. Kim Mackay Wedding Date:
    Cherry Tree Films captured our wedding on film beautifully and we are so delighted to relive the magic for years to come!
  13. Viviana Lafrate
    What can I say? We booked Cherry Tree Films before we'd even confirmed our venue! We would have changed our date to ensure they could capture our wedding day. No one tells the story of a wedding day quite like Cherry Tree Films, and they do it with such style and attention to detail. Lovely team and lots of laughs whilst getting ready in the morning! We would recommend their services to no end!
  14. Jennifer Hamilton
    Cherry Tree Films captured every moment of our wedding day. Not only are the videos amazing but the crew are equally amazing. Would highly recommend them.