Different cultures unite in a Scottish-Greek celebration in Edinburgh

Two cultures came together to celebrate this Scottish-Greek wedding as Athina, who was born in Athens, married Edinburgh native Scott last September in Edinburgh.

The couple tied the knot at Best Western Braid Hill Hotel overlooking the capital city in a day that was captured beautifully by Andrew Hale Photography.

Hear what Athina has to say about their big day…

Everything on the day was great- including Scottish weather!

There was a sunny gap in the clouds, long enough to have our service in the veranda and later on to take some lovely photos with the Pentland Hills in the background.

I’m from Athens and Scott is from Edinburgh (the Athens of the North!) Consequently, our wedding was a Scottish-Greek affair with a mixture of cultures, music and tastes.

The chef at our wedding venue Best Western Braid Hills Hotel put together a menu fusing the cuisine of both countries – haggis and fava go together surprisingly well!

We danced ceilidhs and zorbas in the evening and drank to cries of Sláinte and Yiamas!

There were so many elements to organise and many decisions to make, most of which we had not necessarily thought about before.

The all-inclusive package for the venue helped a lot as having one point of contact made everything easy for us. We found it helpful to just listen to what the provider recommended and then make modifications to that, rather than starting everything from scratch.

Our approach was to choose people that we found really pleasant to deal with!

It feels a little bit odd to refer to each other as wife and husband now but other than that not much has changed.

We’re just happy that we got a brilliant party and some amazing memories to celebrate our marriage.

Venue: Best Western Braid Hills Hotel | Photographer: Andrew Hale Photography | Filmmaker: Mariella Pacey

Transport: Central TaxisBride’s Dress: Wed2B GlasgowCake: Blueberry Cakes Flowers: Lorraine Graham Flowers

Piper: David Ogilvie | Wedding Rings: H.Samuel Stationery: Vistaprint