Devine Bride: What I wish I’d known before I got married

Are you finding yourself waking up in the middle of the night with pre-wedding worry? 

Blogger Laura at Devine Bride says don’t sweat the small stuff because in the end, it doesn’t matter…

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I know all too well how easy it is to get consumed by all the little things while wedding planning.

You build a scenario up in your head, your mum adds more pressure, your auntie chucks in her tuppence worth, your ˜maids have a completely different opinion, your work colleagues give you something else to think about entirely, and you’re feeling stressed out before you’ve even consulted your other half!

It’s easy for wedding planners to dish out advice, but I wanted to give you my perspective on a couple of big things I wish I knew before I got married, so that hopefully you can have a slightly less stressful planning experience!


True friends will happy for you, whether they are invited or not

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Our number one pressure point was our guest list. Of course, we were limited by venue capacity, but we were also restricted by our budget which, at the time, some people didn’t seem to understand.

There are so many politics involved in who you invite to your wedding and it was really had to whittle our list down to 120 guests. Between both of our modest west of Scotland families and in-laws, travelling to London to be with us, and our friends, from school, uni, work and where we lived in London, the guest list mounted up quickly.

To make it worse, my parents are divorced and I have about three dozen cousins. We just couldn’t physically fit everyone in.

What surprised me though, was how overwhelmed we were by well wishes in the lead up to and on the day itself from those who couldn’t be invited, and it soon made us realise who our true friends were.


People don’t actually care where they sit

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Following the guest list closely in our pile of wedding worries was the table plan. Every kind of social politics crossed my mind here, when all we really wanted was for our guests to have the best time possible.

We had such a wide assortment of friends and family from all walks of life that we ended up just mixing people together and in hindsight, it was a great idea. Everyone mingled and danced together later.

We also solved the divorced parents and step-siblings issue by giving each parent their own table with their own friends, and my new husband and I say at our own table with our best men and ˜maids. We were right in the centre of the room and had a blast, and it seemed like our guests did too.


No one remembers the names of your tables

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As a wedding planner, and a creative, I spent hours agonising over a theme for our table plan and appropriate unique names for each table. The bottom line is, it’s not that important in the grand scheme of the day, so don’t waste your time worrying that you must come up with something original or completely innovative. Numbers will do, no one remembers the name of the table they were sat at!

Additionally, no one remembers (or cares) if your table numbers/names are on paper, chalkboard, laminated or in a little frame¦ so if you’re running out of time, relax!


Spanx are super uncomfortable

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I don’t usually wear Spanx, so I literally have no idea why I thought it would be a good idea to try them out for the first time on my wedding day!

I didn’t go for soft introductory ones either, it was my wedding day, so of course, I went for the most shaping which equals the most expensive pair. I sometimes get a sore tummy if my Primark tights are pinching too much, so this was a bit of a wedding day disaster for me.

What’s more, I felt like my bum looked a bit flat on the day. If you are thinking of wearing them for your wedding, buy and try and wear a pair for a while before the day, and get used to the feeling.


The moral of the story?  Don’t sweat the small stuff!  As long as you actually get legally married on the day, and you are both happy and in love, that’s all that matters.

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About the author, Laura Devine of Devine Bride

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