Devine Bride: The hottest honeymoon destinations in 2018

Stuck for honeymoon inspo for your 2018 getaway? Looking for somewhere a little bit different from the norm? 

Blogger and wedding tasker Laura Devine has some more unusual recommendations for this year and next, because they’re due some big changes in the next few years, so go while you still can!

Mo’orea, French Polynesia

Mo’orea, French Polynesia: think the Maldives, but much more exclusive. Only an hour away by plane from celeb fave Bora Bora, it has all the charm of Bora Bora, but with a (slightly) cheaper price tag.

It’s a honeymoon hotspot because it’s often PR’d as ˜The heart of French Polynesia’, as the island itself looks like a heart shape from above “ an iconic photo when you arrive by plane.

However, that’s not to say it’s super busy; the island works hard to keep it’s resorts intimate and exclusive, and offers various tiers of accommodation, from overwater bungalows to beach huts, to apartments.

Unfortunately due to global warming, this gorgeous island with pristine beaches and stunning overwater bungalows is likely to be underwater in years to come.


GO FOR: the weather, the exclusivity, and lots of activities and amazing animals!

TOP TIP: you don’t need a visa (yet, i.e. pre-Brexit), since this paradise island in the South Pacific is technically classed as part of France.

THE DOWNSIDE: it takes forever to travel! We had to take three planes to get there from London.


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Cuba, Caribbean

When you step off the plane in Cuba, it feels like another world. You’ve likely seen all the photos: the vintage cars, the 1950s speakeasy, the colourful streets. Cuba was the land that time forgot.

The country has lived under a trade embargo from the United States since the late 1950s and relied heavily thereafter on trade from the Soviet Union. However, since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the country has endured a tough economic time, and the result is that Cuba looks like it has been frozen in time.

You’d be offered ˜Tukola’ in a bar instead of ˜Coca-Cola’, and mostly everything else would be homegrown local produce. However, it’s all change now since the US ˜restored diplomatic relations’ in 2015.

Slowly things like McDonalds and other chain stores are popping up across Havana¦ and the cool and colourful vintage cars are vanishing. So, go now, while you have the chance to see it in all of it’s unique, colourful and culturally rich glory.


GO FOR: the weather, the culture, rum, vintage cars, cigars, and live music on every corner.

TOP TIP: we got a great deal through Virgin Holidays, so try there first and shop around for the best deals.

WATCH OUT FOR: you can only buy currency once actually in Cuba. The country has dual currency, but as a tourist, you can only use one, Cuban Convertible Peso (CUC), whereas locals use the Cuban Peso (CUP).


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San Sebasti¡n, Spain

San Sebasti¡n is a little hidden gem on the north-west coast of Spain in the Basque country, nestled in between two glorious and pristine half-moon sandy bays.

Now, I’m not talking Costa Brava or Costa del Sol vibes; this is a side to Spain I have never experienced before.

This is where the Royals and Grace Kelly used to holiday “ and it’s easy to see why as it is just the most stunning little town, you’d be forgiven for thinking you were somewhere much more exotic.

The food also happens to be as awesome as the views; San Sebasti¡n has more Michelin stars per capita than anywhere else in the world, but you could also easily dine out happily on pintxos (Basque tapas) every night and go home with a full stomach and a full wallet.

Another reason to visit¦ there are no Brits! (Or hardly any, anyway.)  Although it’s not hard to get there, there’s no direct flights from the UK, which means San Sebasti¡n remains fully Spanish and free from beer guzzling stag dos, all day breakfasts, and PR girls on the beach.

But go now before Brexit hits: who knows what will happen to euro transfers after that.


GO FOR: sun, sea, sand and brilliant food only a hop skip and a jump away!

TOP TIP: be sure to check out txakoli; like a Basque version of prosecco, but lighter. So good!!

THE DOWNSIDE: there’s no direct flights from the UK, but it’s easy enough to get there by transferring from either Bordeaux in France or Bilbao in Spain as it’s super close to the border.


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Happy honeymooning, wherever you end up!

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