Devine Bride: Should you tip your wedding suppliers?

In today’s modern wedding industry, is tipping still expected? Blogger and wedding tasker Laura Devine has her say¦

Tipping is tedious, it’s old fashioned and out-dated equivocal etiquette. I’ve worked on weddings throughout Scotland and across London and I’ve only ever experienced it from the older generation (where it would be considered ill manners not to tip) and from those who are pretending to be posh.

In today’s wedding industry made up of entrepreneurs, fempreneurs, mumpreneurs and creative start-ups who deliver such a personal service, is tipping still expected?


I have my own experiences and values, but I wanted a wider approach to my research so I asked my inner and outer circles; suppliers, venue owners, hoteliers, networking groups, co-working groups, brides, and grooms, and the answer was unanimous.

From Glasgow to Greenwich, from planners to photographers, the answer was ˜no’.

In the past, it was common to tip widely, however it was the staff (usually waiters or catering staff) and never the business owners. Nowadays, tipping is not expected nor is it widely accepted in the wedding industry.


Personally, I would not accept a tip nor do I think it would ever be appropriate “ in line with most of my peers.

A milliner friend whose target market is traditionally the MOB and MOG said she is sometimes offered a tip but donates anything she receives to charity “ presumably so she doesn’t offend her clientele.


In my circles, the consensus was that payment is remuneration enough for our services, but a heartfelt thank you note or email afterwards is always much appreciated and worth much more than any money. You can leave reviews for Scottish wedding suppliers on this very website! Find out more about that in our Scottish wedding supplier review post.

We offer personal services, so our work is as personal to us as it is to you. It is our job to make you happy, not a bonus of the work.

Rather than tipping, leave a rave review for your wedding suppliers!

However, we are still honoured to be part of the most special day of your life. So when a couple acknowledges the time, effort, attention, detail, heart and soul we put into their wedding; that is more touching to us and more of a benefit to our business than a tip.

The rise of the millennial (myself included), and with them the rise of the internet, smart phones, contactless payments, social media and blogs, means the currency is no longer cash.

Tips (cash or otherwise) don’t keep our businesses running; reviews, testimonials and word of mouth does.

If my clients are happy then I am happy, but if they are so kind to actually say so, then that turns a good wedding into a great wedding for me.


So if you are still wondering if you should tip or not¦ a recommendation, a simple star rating, a like, love or share, is much more valuable “ and appreciated.


All that said, from a personal point of view, I tipped my own hair and makeup artist at my trial for my own wedding… as a form of insurance!

What’s your opinion? Will you be tipping your wedding suppliers? If so, how do you decide who and how much to give?

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About the author, Laura Devine of Devine Bride

Laura is a wedding tasker and runs the multi award-winning wedding blog Devine Bride.  Laura offers pick and mix wedding planning, from stationery to styling, hire a bridesmaid to help on the day, and from wedding planning to wedding websites. Her honest and practical blog covers hen parties to honeymoons and everything in between.

Laura won Best Rising Star at the Wedding Blog Awards 2016, Wedding of the Year 2016 with Your London Wedding Magazine, and was highly commended in the Wedding and Events category at the UK Blog Awards 2017.

Laura is Glasgow born and bred but now splits her time between Scotland and London, where she lives, works and plays. She is a graduate of the Glasgow School of Art and the London College of Fashion.

In her words, “Weddings are important because they celebrate life and possibility, and ultimately, it’s all about making people happy “ and I love that.”

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