Devine Bride: A different take on cutting the cake

Cutting the cake with a knife? That’s so 2016, says blogger Laura Devine…

Cutting the cake is one of the biggest anti-climaxes for me, as a wedding planner and as a guest. I literally can’t think of anything more boring.

By the time you have managed to get all your (already tipsy) guests to gather round with their cameras, you could have probably dished it all out and had another drink with them as well. Then you cut it, that’s it. Boring.

Apparently cutting the cake was traditionally the first task newly married couples would perform jointly as husband and wife, supposedly symbolising their union and their promise to always provide for each other.

Usually, the cake is cut from the bottom tier, with the actual cut being made by the bride with the ˜help’ of the groom “ whatever that means.

All that said, it’s a lovely tradition and a great photo opp’, so how can we make it more¦ exciting?

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In other cultures, the wedding cake is broken over the bride’s head to bring fertility and good fortune to the couple.

This apparently started in Ancient Rome where bread was broken over the bride’s head for the same superstitions. I’m not sure I whole heartedly support either of these (for hair and makeup reasons!) but a different take on this would be smashing a pi±ata overhead instead.

This could be a traditional one filled with confetti, sweets or cake pops, or something more modern actually made from cake or chocolate.


Following nicely on¦ cake smashes are a bit of a trend for styled shoots at the moment. However, I am yet to see one done in real life, at a real wedding!

Great pics guaranteed, just make sure you have your hair and makeup artist on standby, and perhaps a change of dress. (Also, not one to be done if you actually intend on serving your wedding cake!)


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Any photos featuring confetti are great fun! Confetti cannons or confetti balloons popped overhead would add a bit more excitement and showmanship to your cake cutting photos for sure.

You could either take a balloon each to pop over one another’s heads, or ask your wedding party to pop them behind you.

For confetti cannons, ask your wedding party to stand behind you, to coordinate with when you make the cut.


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I did an Indian fusion wedding at Chelsea Old Town Hall in April, and in the bride’s culture it was symbolic for the MOB to serve the groom a piece of cake and the FOG to serve the bride a piece of cake to ‘officially’ welcome each to the family.

It was great fun and a lovely way to involve the parents in that part of the day, plus the whole family ended up round the cake for the pics!


Not into making a song and dance about it? Simply switch out your cake knife with something a little more extravagant or fun “ I’ve seen a few cool ones in my time, from swords to axes to guillotines!


IMAGE | Remain in Light Photography


Not having a cake? What about a champagne tower instead? Make it pink bubbles and add a few sparklers for added wow factor.

I hope that’s food for thought! If you try any of these, I’d love to see your pics. I’m Devine Bride on Instagram, or feel free to say hello via too – I’d love to hear from you!


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