The Girl with the Big Hair: my wedding flowers edit

November 15, 2018 in Wedding Planning
Our guest blogger Yasmin from The Girl with the Big Hair is talking blooming beautiful wedding flowers.

Steph’s Bride Diary: Celebrating our engagement with a party!

November 6, 2018 in The Bride Diaries
With just under two years to go until the big day, digital editor Steph and her fiancé Rab decided to mark their engagement with a party!

Laura’s Bride Diary: Finding our perfect intimate wedding venue

October 12, 2018 in The Bride Diaries
Laura and her fiancé William want their wedding to feel relaxed, and they’ve found the perfect venue to achieve that. From the minute we started planning our special day, we knew that we wanted to have a very personal wedding that would reflect who we are. With that in mind,…

Steph’s Bride Diary: Things I’ve already decided I’m binning from my wedding

October 2, 2018 in The Bride Diaries
Digital ed Steph has already decided that these 11 things don't make the Telfer-Boyle wedding cut...

Laura’s Bride Diary: Laura goes wedding dress shopping

September 16, 2018 in Wedding Planning
Lead designer Laura starts her dream wedding dress search; will she find the one?

Laura’s Bride Diary: Our wedding will celebrate both our cultures

August 30, 2018 in The Bride Diaries
How will Laura and William bring together Scotland and Romania on their wedding day?

Laura’s bride diary: A Tuscan proposal

August 8, 2018 in Wedding Planning
In her first diary entry, Laura tells us all the deets of her romantic proposal.

Steph’s Bride Diary: We’ve booked the wedding venue!

July 29, 2018 in The Bride Diaries
Digital editor Steph has visited countless wedding venues, but there was one that really stuck in her mind.
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