Bridal Beauty Buzz: Take pre-wedding supplements

What little things can you start doing now to ensure you look like the best version of you on the big day? We asked bridal make-up artists from Scotland to spill their bridal beauty secrets!

This week’s top tip comes from Leslie Sneddon Makeup Artistry.

Leslie Sneddon Makeup Artistry wedding make-up Scotland

Make-up artist Leslie Sneddon

If you’ve been admiring the cover shoot for the Summer 2018 issue of Scottish Wedding Directory, that’s in part because of Leslie’s amazing handiwork “ she created the fresh-faced look of model Hollie, pictured below.

Scottish Wedding Directory Summer 2018 leslie Sneddon Makeup Artistry

Image: Stewart Bryden

How to get that covetable bridal glow? Well, the boring answer is that it comes from the inside. But that doesn’t necessarily mean mainlining avocados for a year before the wedding.

“About six weeks before the wedding get some skin supplements to boost nutrients and vitamins,” says Leslie, who also advises you take make-up off thoroughly at the end of the day (try a hot cloth cleanser, or if that’s too much faff, a double cleanse with micellar water).

And if you really want to get serious, cut back on the prosecco… at least until the day itself.

“Cut out alcohol as this dehydrates the skin, causes break-outs and makes skin look dull which in turn makes make-up application less flawless,” says Leslie. “You want your skin to be at its best for your special day so start from the inside out and you’ll see a drastic change in its condition.”

Three of our favourite pre-wedding skin supplements



bridal beauty skin supplement fountain the glow molecule

What it does: It contains a concentrated form of Glutathione, a powerful antioxidant that can brighten your complexion, as well as hyaluronic acid, which plumps and hydrates. Take two teaspoons of this liquid supplement a day, either on its own or mixed with your favourite drink, and you should see results within a week.

How much? £38 from Escentual.



bridal beauty skin supplement perricone md omega 3

What it does: We all know that oily fish is great for our skin because it contains lots of omega-3 fatty acids, but not everyone likes the taste. These supplements contain 3,000mg of fish oil (three times as much as classic cod liver oil) so your skin will benefit from a real boost “ and so will your brain. They are pricey, but one bottle lasts three months.

How much? £75 from Feel Unique.



bridal beauty skin supplement PURE GOLD COLLAGEN

What it does: Containing a cocktail of anti-ageing ingredients including hydrolysed collagen, hyaluronic acid and vitamin c, this liquid beauty supplement is perfect for those of you who want younger-looking skin. It also contains zinc and biotin, which both promote healthy hair and nails.

How much? £35.99 from Fabled.


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