Eat up: The biggest wedding catering trends for 2019

What are the biggest trends in wedding catering for 2019? We grilled the experts to find out.

IMAGE | Colin Ross Photography


“The trend for sharing food isn’t budging, though we’re seeing couples get more and more creative with this,” says Claire Smith from The Edinburgh Catering Company.

“Kelsey and Euan came to us earlier this year with a vision for a sundae station, where guests would come up to a table of half a dozen different ice creams (including tonka bean, pineapple and ginger as well as classics like raspberry ripple).

After choosing their scoops they would then move on to a table of toppings, including, but not limited to, brownie pieces, fresh berries, meringue, toffee cake, roasted pineapple, hot fudge sauce and whipped cream.

We set this up in the apple store at Myres Castle and guests came and went as they pleased while enjoying tea and coffee out in the gardens. A great idea that works well in a venue with lots of different spaces to make use of.”


IMAGE | Bespoke Catering


“One trend that we are seeing emerging is couples opting for a tasting menu made up of between five and seven smaller dishes rather than a traditional three-course wedding meal,” says Susannah Nixon of Bespoke Catering.

“It’s a great way to incorporate favourite dishes from your travels or your life together. It brings a slightly more luxurious feel to your wedding breakfast but can be tailored to your budget so that it doesn’t need to break the bank.”



It used to be the case that the only sweet treats you’d get at a wedding would be a slice of the cake and a bit of tablet with your coffee at the end of the meal. But that’s all changing.

“We have noticed a growing trend in dessert tables,” says Ellen Fisher of The Pantry. “All our 2019 couples seem to be after them. Sharing’s always been our bag, and who wouldn’t want a table filled with desserts?!”



Though food trucks have been having a moment of late, George Urquhart from 3G Catering Services has noted a rise in the number of people returning to the classic canapé. “Canapés are increasingly popular for weddings; they are something that’s now affordable to all.

People are definitely more aware of different options, driven by the proliferation of cookery programmes. We enjoy taking classic dishes and deconstructing them to give them a modern twist.”