All in the detail: How to create a greenery and foliage wedding theme

Newlyweds Amy and James show how to create a laid-back theme with plenty of botanical touches.

IMAGES | The Gibsons

Amy and James’ stunning wedding is proof of just how powerful a simple colour scheme can be!

We love how foliage and greenery was used throughout the day to tie everything together, with accents of cream and gold to soften the feel of the venue.

“Amy and James’ wedding at The Tin Shed, Knockraich Farm, was carefree, laidback and all about having a good party, which made it such a treat to photograph,” says Chantal Lachance Gibson of The Gibsons.

“When couples let go and immerse themselves in their day instead of worrying about everything it lets us capture the day as it truly was.

I loved the handmade and personal aspects. It was injected with a bit of fun as well, from the mixers to the wine chosen for the tables.”

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