A unique + intimate yoga wedding in Heart Space, Dundee

In my job as features writer for SWD, I’m often asked if I get tired of looking at countless wedding photographs but, after three years in this job, the answer is still a big fat no!

How could I possibly get bored when every couple is unique, and every wedding showcases how they’ve decided to tie the knot in their own special and individual way?

Here at Scottish Wedding Directory, we love to see nuptials that reflect the personalities and interests of the couple involved, so I was thrilled when this wedding, shot by Photographs by Eve, of yoga teacher Daria and personal trainer Philip dropped into my inbox.

The couple first met in the gym and now have their very own company, DP Wellbeing and a yoga retreat travel agency Wandertreat, so it was only natural that they would tie the knot in their friend Finlay’s yoga studio Heart Space – Yoga & Bodywork. Now, that’s anything but run-of-the-mill!

Read all the big day details from bride Daria …

“It all started at the gym. We used to train so close to one another without having the courage to say hello. We finally went on a date three weeks before I was leaving for my six-month trip around Asia.

During those three weeks we completely fell in love with one another and by the time I knew it, Phil came to Thailand to surprise me on Valentine’s Day.

Our venue was a yoga studio, owned by my best friend Finlay who walked me down the aisle. It was gifted to us by him and it made it incredibly special.

We also own a small studio in Broughty Ferry and yoga is a huge part of our life.

We wanted the venue to look rustic with candles everywhere. It was a very small and intimate wedding of 30 people.

We did some yoga as a lot of the guests were yogis and fitness professionals. We really wanted everyone to be relaxed with games like Jenga, no set schedule, and yummy, exquisite buffet food which was all locally sourced, organic and homemade.

The most memorable moment was the ceremony itself as we had a lot of symbolic gestures such as a Mexican wave, lighting a candle and tightening a knot.

Six of our friends got an envelope with a ribbon inside and each of them used the ribbon to symbolically tighten our knot.

Gary Smith, our humanist celebrant, was fantastic. In preparation for the wedding he asked us what marriage means to us and why we want to marry the other person.

To me marriage is a union of two independent, free, and equally important souls. A promise of a future together for better or for worse. An unbreakable bond of being together but at the same time, space to be who we are.

The games, Jenga and face-painting session was also really memorable. We really wanted everyone to relax, unplug, forget about structure and just have fun.

If I could do it again I would meditate more! It was definitely challenging and I work as a studio owner and run a retreat company, but when it came to my own wedding I found it incredibly challenging.

Yoga and meditation with positive mantras were a key but I should have sent more time relaxing and calming my nerves beforehand.

We have always been a team. He is the man I want to share my strengths but also my weaknesses with. I wanted to feel supported and loved without the need to change or having to do anything to deserve it.

This is what marriage changed in my life. It added that unbreakable bond of unconditional love and commitment.

Venue: Heart Space – Yoga & Bodyworks | Photography: Photographs by Eve

Bride’s dress: Grace Loves Lace | Jewellery: Anjali Energy

Hair: Morgan from Suzanne DuncanMake-up: Urban Decay | Food: The Parlour

Celebrant: Gary Smith from Humanist Society Scotland